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  1. Gorilla

    Question about map objectives

    ^I would assume planting dyno at the dump before the gate is blown I would think that you could basically go for it until the gate is blown. except for blowing the dump
  2. Gorilla

    Good Admins

    Is that it? Quite poor for someone that spends all his time trolling others on Jay1. Actually tipsy, I like to play which is what I was doing. Why you decided that I was worth a mute or whatever, shows your attitude and lack of personal skills.maybe you should concentrate on those that hack, uneven teams etc. instead of trying to be a big man. go and look in the mirror, you'll see a refection of a lonely little man without friends.
  3. Gorilla

    Good Admins

    I should quantify that little statement. Tipsy, maybe go and look up the word quantify....when you learn to read. lol, get me some more tea first. there are some really good admins here. Redbeard, Swiss, Blue, Pinoy, and quite a few others. they never get a good word. Good job lads! calm down little fella. You'll hurt yourself.... Maybe have a think about why you want to join this clan. Sounds like you just want some levels.
  4. Gorilla

    Good Admins

    haha thats rich. F|A stopped recruiting good admins alongtime ago, instead they got you.
  5. Gorilla

    guess its why

    I guess thats why alot of Et players give up. really tipsy, a perm mute, and whatever else you did. Your awesome pal. f***en idiot tbh. And your reason is?
  6. Gorilla

    Cougar tracks at son's house

    That's a big kitty cat. Can you catch it and domesticate it ? best guard cat ever!
  7. Fair point. But I can understand Hell's frustration. Sometimes Im on late at night and there are no admins around. So it usually gets unbalanced easily.
  8. Gorilla

    World flag name?

    Never even heard of Guadeloupe. Do they even lift ?
  9. Gorilla

    ET Teamspeak

    yes we should do it more often. I'll get google translate to help me understand you Canadian accent...eh!
  10. Gorilla

    ET Teamspeak

    LOL. You all sound funny to me. Must sort out a a mic so you can hear proper english
  11. Gorilla

    My Mod is Better Than Your Mod.

    Interesting subject. For me, playing Silent is like playing vanilla ET. A bit like when ET first came out and we hadnt tweaked any settings. Compared to Jaymod wher ive turned off all the graphics etc to get FPS. Probably just a preception thing on my part.
  12. Wholly f*** have I got a hangover, thanks for the games last night guys...whoever you were

  13. Gorilla

    Pic of the Day 16.01.14

    lol a 6 footed teddy, classic
  14. Gorilla

    Get ready to pay for internet usage....

    Yes, now you can, but what if they put a proxy on the cables leaving the country ? then they can stop you however you try.