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  1. watched day before yesterday, had me crying
  2. i need a one dance :D;)

  3. Syroox too drunk to be on Ts n ingame :D;)

  4. Hello Prateik, Welcome to the Fa forum. It's Lowskillguy aka Anurag from India,delhi Hope to see you on server and have a little chat till then enjoy . Cya
  5. from what i understand is that it was quiet a big amount. i live in the same city as he do . I can try to help you out if you have proof about money. Give me his no. ( phone ) and i will see what i can do. My uncle's friend is a lawyer so i won't be a problem with filing a fraud case againt him or internet scamming. But you know man Proof works every where. Sorry for your loss, b*** ass pussy destroyed your trust :/
  6. Don't think about it too much :) xD

    1. SkuLLc0LLector
    2. Raskin


      Sex...good luck :P

    3. Lowskillguy


      bout skulls :D:P


      @Raskin yeah it's on my mind 24/7 xD


  7. Ohhkay not one but these cars are my Dream which hopefully will come true one day. But i prefer RR wraith and Jaguar ,any day

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