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  1. Happy Birthday Rossko339!

    1. Sasirou


      Happy Birthday

  2. One of the best game i have ever played. Happy Birthday
  3. yeah the best ego-shooter i play it with breaks but for so long
  4. http://www.sharkoon.com/?q=en/node/854 Sharkoon fireglider Sheep and good mouse but not the best for my hand an when i got some to much i will buy a new one
  5. K43 got garand and garand k43 Only sten and fg would be an idea
  6. its the same with fg i think .......(99% sure )
  7. you have at the main weapon slot (default on key 3) always 2 weapons....the axis and the allied one. For example if you are a Medic if you shot 30 bullets from mp40 then you could press 3 again and you switcht to thompson with another 30 bullets. But with sten you have only one weapon on 3 so if you fighting someone with two weapons at slot 3 he has the double amount of ammo befor he has to reload. Hope its better to understand now .
  8. yeah it is I am a little bit drunken from yesterday so i can't explain it well :/
  9. Hi all and a Happy Carnival.............. in germany (or mr better near colone where i live) this is a "big" day and everybody drinks and you could do what ever you want (nearly everybody got free at friday/saturday/sunday/monday) So i hope there are some ppl who also know it and if then Kölle Allaf
  10. shame on these german translater at the end that she doesn't noticed it was a nice joke
  11. i play with 2500 dpi and 3,89 sens (or somethink around this sens) FOV 90. But i played et for a long long time and i always adapted to other settings and it always worked.
  12. Hi On the Beginners server (i think its Jay3) you have each weapon two times on "3" but sten only once..... So its hard to play with sten and maybe it could be fixxed regreats
  13. Happy new year Dont drink too much(or to sparsely ).

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