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  1. yelooooooooooooooooooo noob

  2. Sry guys i was in a little "vacation" work trip, but with the power of random number generator Winners are : groschristqc and Krusnik87.
  3. Hey guys our company published new game BFC (Break The Food Chain) developped by TEHO Games. So I will have this raffle for FA community: To participate you just have to like this post before the end of this month when i will raffle and gift 2 copies of the game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/635980/Break_The_Food_Chain/
  4. Thank you all for wishes, I spend my birthday cleaning house and scrubbing every inch in it. Moving to new apartment tomorrow
  5. John wick 2, very entertaining movie. as movie its not masterpiece or give you anything special but if you are looking for great action and entertaining then i succest to see this
  6. jung/top but lately I've been playing mid(corki op )
  7. euw: ks22 eos eune: lane b0y im plat/dia elo player so if anyone wanna duo que/flex que im up for it. i also play alot normal draft pick so i can play with anyone who wants.
  8. Then the most likely and propably the only case is that player you were trying to shoot was lagging.

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