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  1. Salut toi ! j'vois qu'on est en ligne en même temps, tu vas bien?

  2. As I said your arguments are based on nothing, on lie, on manipulation and inversion . As the definition of “troll†giving by myself, you are unable to say where and why this definition “fit for me†Where I lie ? why this definition fit on me ? Nobody knows, where is your example ? none. Who do what ? who lie about pornography ? You . Who put a pict of SS uniform ? you. Who say I don t respect rules of fa with this false argument of pornography ? You. who break rules of fa with a SS uniform pict wich is the symbol of racism , Anti –Semitism and the symbol of anti -democracy ? You What was the subject of this topic? "what a sweet language german is …" Who give all sense of troll definition wich is not for the international community, only the fact to disturbing something or someone on internet because this is the definition of the word “discussionâ€, but precisely to discredit someone with false accusation on internet, with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response , or of otherwise disrupting normal on –topic discussion ? Always You , and that precisely what you do ! Prince*Jedi
  3. Firstly : called « Pornography » what is not “ Pornography†is a lie in fact ( not an opinion ) and sorry lying is the opposite of the truth. Secondly used the inversion to considere that you are insulted when I am insulted to be a man who put a “pornographic†video wich come from youtube, confirm this lying and this lying is the opposite of the truth .YOUTUBE is not YOUPORN, and prohibits all pornographic video true or not ? Who is insulted and who lie ? Liar definition : a person who has lied or lies repeatedly – Collins English dictionary Do you have used lies? Absolutely yes ! Why ? because you used the word “ pornography†and by this word, insulted me to don t respect FA rules . True or lies ? I call that manipulation , lies and discredit unfounded Troll definition : In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. What is the subject of my topic ? who starting or up setting people, by posting inflammatory , extraneous , or off-topic messages in online community ( such as a forum, chat room, or blog ), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion? Who? Thirdly : you said : “the photo is from Wolfenstein so the game can be offensive you†? My Answer is absolutely yes ! Why ? Simply because there s also SS propaganda, Hitler pictures etc …on wolfenstein wich is not allow you, like me, like a gamer to use the name of HITLER IN THE GAME CENSORED BY *****, LIKE A SS PROPAGANDA. LIKE TO USE THE PICT OF HITLER OR THIS SS PROPAGANDA ON A PROFILE… That is the demonstration of what you don t understand and trying to justify that u can use a SS UNIFORM AS PICT , BECAUSE THIS SS UNIFORM IS IN A GAME , WHEN IN THIS GAME TOO, THIS SS UNIFORM IS THE SYMBOL OF RACISM , ANTI-SEMITISM AND THE SYMBOL OF ANTI DEMOCRACY . MY QUESTION IS : ARE YOU KIDDING ME AND FA COMMUNITY ? BECAUSE I SAY YES AND CLEARLY YES !!! YOU BREAK THE RULE 2 : Rule 2 :†Democracy will be respected†( And don t use artifice, diversion or manipulation to considerate that the DEMOCRACY in this rule, concern votes of maps only and not the DEMOCRACY in general and then not the DEMOCRACY in a forum broken of course by your pict or photo which is the SYMBOL OF RACISM, ANTI SEMITISM AND ANTI DEMOCRACY) You have a doubt ? Ask to a veteran of the second mondial war and explain to him that he don know well RULES and the symbol of his enemy of democracy and the sense of the word DEMOCRACY and then the sense of his war and explain to him that her friends are dead for nothing . Good luck ! Now watch this video, read well the substitle in English , and watch the difference of point of wiew between a WEHRMACHT SOLDAT , A WEHRMACHT OFFICER ABOUT CIVILIAN PEOPLE , JEWS OR NOT, WHAT THEY SAY? AND A SS OFFICER WHO APPEAR WITH YOUR UNIFORM PHOTO AT THE 1.27 MINUTE OF THIS VIDEO : I HOPE THIS VIDEO WILL BE UTIL TO UNDERSTAND CLEARLY WHAT MEAN YOUR SS UNIFORM AND THEN YOUR “PHOTO†: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE5AERj_7Zs
  4. No your video it is absolutely not " Pornography". I took your video for example like i can take an other video in the section " What song are you listening to right now†and good words to use are : " “suggestive" or "explicit " for this video clip . You can noticed the word " explicit" is on your video. Now of course sex explicit or suggestive, is everywhere in commercial like in video clip, in every style of music and then everywhere in the section : " What song are you listening to right now†That why I ask what is the difference between a german girl in bra and panties who speak german ( youtube lol ) censored here, and girls in your video clip in bra and panties ? What is the difference ? Dance ? music ? A girl in bra and panties who dance on the music? I admit my german girl in bra and panties qualified “pornography†by Mr Pyrka, censored here, don’t dance sex and don t sing sex, don t have a great production and then was only talking without music, dance, great production, without stick wich suggest sex like in the video to Mr Pyrak, but this german girl was only in bra and panties then exactly like your girls in your video clip. You right and do you know why ? Because we don t live in Iran or Arabia but in Democracy . And I notice this girls in bra an panties on video clip or commercial , prohibited in Saudi Arabia which is the first downloader of porn around the world, make me laugh. What hypocrisy, what infamy, what villainy and what a great danger for the democracy . Prince*Jedi
  5. Pyrka As i said my video about a german girl in bra and panties who speak german is not pornography ( then you lie) and not more suggestive as video clip on the section : “What song are you listening to right now? » Proof : I take a random video clip in this section “ What song are you listening to right now†Posted 15 December 2013 - 05:25 AM by Rambolike : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehcVomMexkY Now i take your video posted today at 7:13 AM in the section : “What song are you listening to right now†wich is more suggestive insofar the sex is replaced by a stick … : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr1DSgjhRqE#t=0 Conclusion : You lie , you kidding not only me but the fa community and i confirm your uniform is a SS UNIFORM which is not the symbol of the wehrmacht uniform as axis uniform in wolfenstein game , but absolutly a SS UNIFORM wich is the symbol of racism and anti -Semitism ... It was acceptable to find a video with a german girl in bra and panties suggestive (explicit) and not pornographic , but not acceptable to trying to discredit myself with some reasoning founded simply on lie, with word without sense as used the word "Pornography" when at the same time you put a video where the sex replaced by a stick today and where you don t wonder this time " what he would say a leader or co leader" about your video as rambolike video as your SS uniform on your pict ... Prince*Jedi
  6. Prince*Jedi said up : " Yes the scrolling button on the Logitech 500 S is stable, smooth and disengageable " HERE :
  7. Prince*Jedi


    For my son, his father was a Jedi; Let the children dream, and you will remain a child and JEDI. Prince*Jedi
  8. Well Anti, The wheel on the G500s DOES move left and right but not as the G500 wobbles which was not a sign of good quality and to answer correctly to DD : Yes the scrolling button on the G 500 S is totally smooth wich wasn t the case on the G 500. Now I hope it is clear . The G 500 S don t have the defect of the Logitech 500 and im pretty sure that why DD ask about the scrolling button wich is Smooth on the G 500 S and wasn t smooth on the G 500 with other defects. Defects offset by the G 500 S, and I think that's why precisely this G 500 S replaced the logitech 500 and these defects.
  9. Yes dear Daredevil. As a Jedi I know perfectly your mind lol and you think this logitech 500 S has the same defect as the logitech 500 but absolutely not .The scrolling button on the logitech 500 S don t move from right on left as the Logitech 500 and don t jump. Yes the scrolling button on the Logitech 500 S is stable, smooth and disengageable. The scrolling button on the Logitech 500 S is perfectly smooth and can not be compared to the logitech 500 which has this defect not be stable and smooth with the scrolling button.
  10. Perfect demonstration of how to ruin the fun, how to use his intelligence to pretend to love or appreciate a video and humor and at the same time wanting to censor a video with a girl in bra and panties who speak german and say “ MEIN SCHATZ†with the sense of “SWEETY†(SCHATZCHEN) wich give all the sense of my answer with humor to Mr James Ryan “ “German is wonderfull, This Video is lying !!! nobody speaks like this†Now “you wonder what he would say a leader or co leader†you have this answer , then a german girl who speak german in bra and panties on youtube censored here … OK THX Mr Pyrka , I wonder “ what he would say a leader or co leader about your nazi uniform†or precisely SS UNIFORM on your pict without the sign “SS†. This SS UNIFORM without SS sign on the neckband where you replace the skull on the cap by a Skull face on your pict , is the symbol of the racism and anti-Semitism for me , for the international community and then for youtube, fa community and fa rules too . About youtube , the link is a german girl who speak german with bra and panties without sex . I ADMIT IT CAN BE SUGGESTIVE , but as your uniform can be suggestive without the SS badge or symbol on the neckband but with a skull wich replace the skull on the cap of this SS uniform and this pict is not HUMOR ! Prince *Jedi P.S : I wonder with what artifice and reasoning you can deny the evidence WITH OR WITHOUT A LEADER OR CO LEADER ... But in any case, I have no moral lesson to receive from you…Rules are rules and your SS UNIFORM break these rules of course . Also only one person was talking about sex in this topic and this person is yourself with a SS UNIFORM pict wich is the symbol of racism and anti –Semitism . If you have doubt , put your pict on youtube and explain to jews why you put a pict wich is the symbol of their executioners …
  11. Yes me, cauz it is absolutly not pornography . If it is You will must prohibited all video clip with this type of girls who are with bra and panties on internet which is not prohibited by youtube and notice porn can t be on youtube ofc ( they have rules too ) . Also it is not the subject . This video is a funny answer with a german girl who speak german so sweet what understand perfectly =F|A= Sleeper : " I can confirm your video is the accurate representation of the average German girl" HUMOR ! Also you can notice on my profile there s an advertising for young people cauz of violence of trailer game (Jedi- the Old Republic). In Europe like in USA ,violence can be prohibited for young people (- 16 years old ) but absolutly not this type of videos with girls in bra and panties or sexy which can be prohibited for young people -10 years old max ( in this case it is 0 on youtube 0 because simply there s no sex ) and don t forget that wolfenstein was prohibIted for young people ( -18 and after -16 ) Im a father with 3 childs and I am not known here to make jokes about sex like in game. In the topic" what song are you listen now"? There s no girls in bra and panties ? you live on an other planet ? i council to you then don t watch madonna , lady gaga and britney spears etc ... ( what about rap ? lol ) and almost don t hear what they says . This is ridiculous ... Don t play to TEKKEN 3 , there s some sexy girls ! Oh my god !
  12. One of my favorit actor too like Lawrence of Arabia is one of my favorit hero , like Lawrence of Arabia is one of my favorit movie ( not really original it is the favorit movie to Steven Spielgerg , Georges Lucas etc..). Peter O'tool was Lawrence of Arabia and a wonderfull actor. Steven Splielberg about Lawrence of Arabia ( Very interesting ) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX3bqRemW8U
  13. You all think German language is a bit brutal? Absolutly not ! DEMONSTRATION : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h646k1BrqRE

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