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  1. I have no free time at all.I transport cars around the states. I get home onece in two weeks.
  2. Donated $100 for support Invoice #1952.Been busy working sorry all. Cheers
  3. EURO 2012 | Results

  4. Wahts your favorite movie?

    Fav one
  5. EURO 2012 | Results

    Affirmative!!Go Sheva!!!!Go Ukraine
  6. et server suggestion jay2 maps

    Stalingrad looks awesome
  7. Best soccer player?

    Zizou..(Zinedine Zidane) Best player. .He doesnt play anymore.Love the way he knokout materazzi
  8. Hello fellow fighters.

    Hello .welcome to the forum.
  9. Hello All

    Hallo!!Welcome to the Forums.See ya in game
  10. Champion league

    Wth i'm just watching the finals. Thanks i know the score already
  11. No Mac!!

    No problem i rarely go to jay 3 , so thats why i have no level there.I will visit you more often