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  1. Hello friends, old and new. So I've been out of the game for nearly a year now, and I'm back with knife in hand ready to fillet me some Nazis. I just wanted to say hello to everyone who has shown up since I left. I look forward to being shot in the face by you! Admins - Should I re-apply or may I keep my =FA= Tags?
  2. the chef's been cookin

    Sup fellas. I imagine with the way these things change a lot of you don't know me. I've been playing with FA for about 2 years, wolf for about 4 and I still really suck at it. And for those of you guys who remember me, I've been hecka busy lately, working like a b*** and all that. Hopefully I'll be back on the server for some death. Till then!
  3. Money

    I play daily, on fa2 and the noob server, not just months but years. My admin is for shit while people who don't even have the title have shuffle admins. So is that what it is? Do I need to pay you people to help keep your servers fair and fun?
  4. Hello togehther

    Hey hey! I look forward to murdering you!
  5. Hi - Drake

    Hey hey, welcome. Enjoy.
  6. Hello( oi in portuguese)

    Hello, welcome and enjoy.
  7. Hey dudes^^

    Sup man, hang around. Come visit FA-2 as well.
  8. Spawn camping, get it??? Here's a personal fav. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj9LVGmmzGs
  9. Other Happy New Year - Fearless Assassins

    I was with ya right up until the god part. =) Happy new year to all, may you find your own strength to do what needs to be done.

    It's a punk ass b*** way of dealing with combat, but then so is close-quarters panzerfaust.
  11. Official Autoexec.cfg Config Request.

    CPU - P4 3.2, 3.19 hyperthreading RAM - 2GB Graphic Card - 256 mb Nvidia Gforce 8600 GT Monitor = 19" widescreen - Maximum Resolution:1440 x 900 + Refresh Rate 75 Hz Internet connexion = xdsl Game graphics High or ugly - I prefer it high What resolution you play with - 800x600
  12. strip' tease

    Hilarious. I just posted this to Reddit.
  13. It's been pretty unbearable and it appears everyone is experiencing it.
  14. I've not been able to work out a solution for over a month.. I didn't want to put this on you guys but you know what, I really miss the server. I'm still having massive trouble getting wolf-et to work properly. No matter what I do, and yes I did update PB with meticulous care, I get a clockwork lagspike pretty much every 2 seconds that goes away after about 3 minutes of play and a couple deaths. Then it flares up during gameplay again and we start over trying to get it to go away. In the meantime it lags out all the other players. Any advice?