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  1. my final xp before i reset it and left this game and clan for the forseeable future.
  2. 5N34KYK1LL

    Fav Love Song

    i find love songs really depressive.. so you wont get any out of me.
  3. that star wars map is too crap to be included in a 64 player frag fest especially with all the skilled players on one side for example on axis with rambos, heavy weapon nubs and fops arty spamming the f*** out of the enemy spawn, the allies wont stand a chance, it will go so bad that 1 or maybe 2 players kill get holy shit kills and a massive kill ratio and no death ratio. it would not only be boring but it would be lame and no skill involved if the allies are contained in their original spawn site. besides the axis spawn is too close to the objective and all the axis need to do is camp at/inside the falcon doorways with the right mix of classes and no one will win on the allies because of this right mix of classes and adding landmines, molo players sachel players and such it would be too much trouble then its worth. that besides the point their is only 2 ways and one is a team door and the other is an ordinary door barricaded by a wooden wall, and most if not all will be going one way. its inviting a lot of annoying and potentially a lot of blame factors squarly on FA for choosing the map.
  4. anything is better then minas. you all know i hate minas.
  5. remove the minas map and i would be more happier. but the v2 base is too easy, i havent played it in a while but all it requires is the allies to get a dyna placed, a flame nub at the door, a mg nub outside the long passage way to the door and or a person with a few molos and the axis are all slaughtered when they open the door. if anything this map favours the allies more then the axis. i preferr the other mlb map really, its definatly got a lot of space to run around and you get advanced warning when dynas are placed, plenty of places to camp and be a nub for all your skills are worth or stop the allies getting the explosives to the launch bay outer door.
  6. when i get negatives i make up for it it in sabotarge and other SKILLS other players would never consider, however i wasnt given a chance earlier today to set the record straight because everytime i was at a supply outpost i kept getting backraped by fg42 people and that annoyed me no end its like they went out their way to avoid a proper fight. in the end i got killed again by another fg42 person in sniper scope and it was too serious of my liking and i left the game a real foul mood because i only had 2 kills to 6 deaths. i never like seeing more deaths then kills EVER, i dont care if im playing at peak excellence or just casually. as far as the fops is concerned i got around 13k exp on fops...
  7. i asked hamp to reset his machine on baserace the otherday, because he kept getting kicked by PB errors.
  8. 5N34KYK1LL


    but what happens when you dont have a teammate who will cooperate, can you say its nothing special when that happens? beleive me its more difficult then a panza, at least with a panza you can move and see the enemy..
  9. fragging doesnt make a whole load of difference if 2 players 1 engy and one other class allows to arm the dyna on the otherside of the oasis guns instead of where you would normally place it. that an abuse of double jump and no one will be able to stop it going off. it makes that whole point void really, especially in a rush situation.
  10. bronze is 25 years, silver is 50 and gold jubille is 75 years? lol ANCIENT player
  11. i want to give and i expessed thi interest a while a go but i hate paypal. and the admin suggested i contact them directly to sort the issue out. i havent done so yet because i have more important stuff to attend to and by the time i find free time i forget and play et or x3
  12. i played a panzer war under a different name on the fun server, seeing rockets flying about everywhere, people ganging up on you, long range sk shots from directly above and all this was done in a low gravity server. it was quiet a bit of fun, however its not half as exciting as what everyone makes it out to be.
  13. sometimes its a real pain, othertimes being on the otherside it can be fun. it depends who sees it as a problem.
  14. the problem with nades are they can be seen and evaded, molos are far more direct and very little chance of escape ususally if you hit the person in the right place.
  15. most players who use mortar first time will be splattered by their own round, i never did this.. at first, because i aimed at the other at 45 end and took it upto 90 after a few rounds inbetween. however after something like 4 minutes play with the mortar i kill my first target by random and realized the command map, and how powerful it could be for a mortar user (just recently for me ive discovered the command map is very useful for any other class solider). i love mortaring bots being allied solider and the bot axis on baserace, i used to get mosterkills and ultra kills, and the last time i got a true mosterkill was well over a week ago the last mosterkill recorded though was 2 days ago killing with a thompson.

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