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  1. Thanks for the gracious welcome back. Let me first pre-face i come being no promises, but I will try to say Hi from time to time. Iv'e been to the depths of Hell and returned, and the feel of happy grass under my feet in making me unnerved, which is wierd and backwards. BVut, even in my the current "condition" of my condition, I'm happy to say "What's up?" to old friends and new ones alike.

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  2. Hey Everyone. 

     Got my robo-happy bDay message this evening and I thought, why not go take a gander at how FA is doing these days? So,


    How the hell are you folks? How is everything going? Are the servers full? What games do we support? Are you all keeping active in the forums and behaving like a real, healthy community? I sure hope so, but since I don't know, I'm asking you, each and every one of you, to tell me. That's what i want for my birthday, a shit-ton of honest answers........

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  3. DareDevil, I donated $15 towards the prizewinners of the COD4 Game Weekend. My $15 is intended to go to LA_Kings_Fan I believe.


    The PayPal confimation number is : 4VW05596R1319714D


    I have since been informed there is a "gift voucher" link I should have used, but I was unaware of it at the time. I believe Diggety's donation falls under the same issue, and maybe more.


    Let me know if you need anything more to put the donation in the right spot.



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  4. I haven't yet confirmed this, but I believe all the prize donors need to do is make a donation with a special note on it explaining that it is for the COD4 Game Event, and make a topic in the donation thread also, so that it is assured that DD understands what the donation is going toward.


    As for my pledge, I have transfered money to my PayPal account today, so as soon as it is posted in PayPal (3-5 business days), I will make the donation.


    @DD/Leaders - please correct me if I'm wrong (I usually am)

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  5. I want give a big heartfelt shout out to everyone who planned, executed and participated in this Game Weekend. I dare not list folks, or I'll surely miss someone, so I'll leave it like this, you know who you are, and I appreciate each and everyone of you.


    Despite my best efforts to be a complete no-show/failure, other members of this community made it a great success anyhow. Luv You guys....

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  6. OK, well we have only 1 week to go people! Are we excited? HELLS YA WE ARE!! :D \


    I'm personally asking anyone and everyone who thinks they might be available to show up to next weekends event,  to sound off here and tell the world you will show up, and for the love of gaming......bring a friend! I promise we'll have a good time, laugh a lot on Teamspeak, shoot the crap out of each other, and have a ton of fun doing all of it.

  7. Looks bloody great. Slight uncertainty about a ninja image as apposed to something military based but have to say I want it too! Would like to know where the ninja image coms from? Your own Art?


    Just thinking about how F|A is not just E.T means no need for anything military about it so.. I'm lovin it!!

    I agree with this, and the addition of the =|= to the FA amily would be cool, like this " Welcome to the =F|A=amily"

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