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  1. How fast can you type??

    270 CPM. Im a professional user of the computer kind
  2. Platform 2a - International encounters

    ITSAAAA MEEEEEEEE. Don't usually read blogs so I suppose I am kind of late . Meeting people you have known for years but have never seen is a weird but wonderful thing. Should you introduce yourself? Wait... I have hardly ever even talked with this guy... Do I even know if he likes or dislikes me? I guess those are the questions I asked myself before going. Shortly after I arrived those questions quickly vanished and were replaced with "Where the f*** is Raziel?" but I guess you already pointed that out. All in all I had a lot of fun, made me wish I was at Alexandra's meeting but I wasnt allowed by my parents back then (2013 or sth) becuase I was like 15. However maybe there will be another official FA meeting at one point in time where someone will be kind enough to inform me about so I can come as ex-Admin :]
  3. You should write a review of camel vs donkey. Which one is faster, cheaper to feed and goes fastest around a corner :D

    1. OnionKnight


      Yoyo has a budget of 4 rupees

    2. Dest!Ny


      can buy an estimated 200ml (more or less 7 oz) of water from that investment. Donkeys drink 18-35 liters (3,75-9,25 gal) a day wheres a camel can drink up to 100 liters (26 gal) in 10-15 minutes, although you have to take into account that they store a lot of that, so buying water probably isnt an option. A camel is expected to survive for about half a year without drinking GIVEN THAT you buy him with his humps filled where a donkey only survives for about 3 days without water. I could probably buy a donkey for a grand (I only buy high quality donkeys) but Id have to buy 122 of them to consistently have a donkey at my disposal without feeding them which comes down to 8 million rupees. A camel would cost me maybe 1,5 grand and I will only need two of them in a year. This would come down to 0,2 million rupees in a year. Therefore a camel would definitely be the better option. Now we have to equate for how long Yoyo would be able to keep a camel. Given that it takes takes 200k to keep a camel for a year and that there are 31556926 seconds in a year this would come down to 10,5 minutes.

    3. OnionKnight


      Beautiful. Job well done on the review

  4. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    if the server has the mapscript running but there is no defaultspawn at CP nor is the minimap correctly updated then it is possible that you can only access the spawnpoint through commands. Same thing goes for example at et_beach where as axis you cant spawn at the little hut just ahead of the main path without the use of commands
  5. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    also not by using spawnpoint commands instead of limbo?
  6. actually a camel's top speed is measured at 65km/h (40,4mph) where a pony only goes at 64km/h (39,8mph). If you add the ammount of extra weight it can carry (about 65kg vs 400kg, or 143lb vs 882lb) Id say the camel definitely is the better option between the two. I must add that a donkey can almost reach 70km/h so if you dont have a lot of stuff with you a donkey might be a slightly quicker option
  7. Regarding playing on different servers

    same, only time I was forced to switch guid was when FA had its breach like a year or 2 ago. And always had one fakenick guid next to my admin guid so I could play without levels. Currently only have my fakenick guid since I deleted the rest but since I dont have levels anywhere I guess it doesnt even matter, if someone taints my name somewhere I really cba and if it would be here people would be able to tell it was not me I would guess.
  8. Weird load screen and game crashes on map change

    would this not be an issue with pak2.pk3?
  9. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    I dont think any person is interested in every subforum as it is. Im not interested in Gamer's garage, all the cod4 subfora and plenty more. So I get what you are saying but where would you even draw the line?
  10. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    Does this mean clubs are more meant as little chatgroups with smoother rules. Or is it just seen as a custom subforum with the same rules applied to it?
  11. (Mixed) Scrims

    thanks for the games guys, and thanks to @TurtleMan for taking the time to gather some players :)!

    some new thing called 'research', basically for mew there was a set up 8 levels which contained 3 quests each (except for the last one) and if you complete them you get to catch a mew. Only 1 mew per person (cant transfer it) in the same IV range as eggs and raids (10-10-10 to 15-15-15)
  13. @daredevil 50$ didnt know you cant see what I donated. thought by posting here you confirm the amount that you see on you screen or something like that
  14. (Mixed) Scrims

    would you prefer a certain format tortuga? or will you see how many people you can gather first?

    Im a f***ing GOD