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  1. Another idea: How about axis' last spawnpoint is split between the current spawnpoint and the bed area above the inside arch shown below in blue. Also it could be possible to extend the main exit along the northern ledge like shown in red giving maybe 2 additional exits.
  2. Dest!Ny


  3. What is your in-game name? Dest!Ny / Hotaru Shidare What is your discord user ID? Desti#7006 Have you read the rules? Yes beating cheep is all I came here for
  4. came here to revive dead topic that only I am interested in to share with absolutely noone that I JUST HIT LEVEL 40 BITCHESSSSSSSS
  5. IP is DNS based so no, that is not really possible if you switch on which DNS the server runs. You can still use the same Redirect with hc.clan-fa.com etc if you set it up like that. Maybe its possible to open up the new servers and let the original hc and jay1 IP be a dedicated redirect towards the new IPs for 2 weeks before fully closing them down? Correct me if Im wrong on ajy of this
  6. I mean the existing exit, the top one. An additional exit could still be possible but giving allies easier control over the top area (as well from arty/mortar) would coincidentally give allies more control on the outside area giving them the chance to at least circle around the fortress
  7. you could make a balcony at the top exit (on axis side) making it harder to arty and harder to access from axis side
  8. allied spawntime isnt the issue here, if thats the way you wanna change things you would have a better shot increasing axis spawntime. In the end second stage Oasis comes down to 2 chokepoints which are outside of tunnel and outside of top and bottom exit. The 3rd would be the side exit from top but this route will either way result to either of the above named chokepoints. Not to mention that both chokepoints can be heavily stacked by artillery, mortar, and every other type of explosives while also being easily inside of axis' spawn protection range making it utterly unplayable for allies. Reducing allied spawntime solves nothing realistically, Im sorry
  9. OBS and ET go quite well together, used to upload clips with it
  10. Dest!Ny

    Paintball anyone?

    didnt have any scars after I went paintballing did you wear normal clothing (for paintball)?
  11. to be perfectly honest, I dont see why the original makers of the map didnt use the same hallways as the ones used in cs_italy. the whole underground area now located at the CP leading to the barrier is all ET exclusive but I would rather have the entrance to that tunnel at the place where it is located in cs_italy edit: as for the old CP as @ElEl mentioned, there is so much you could do there. For example you could make it a secondary spawnpoint at cp (f.e. spawnpoint 4 is new cp location, spawnpoint 5 is old cp location) and use the now empty old cp area to add construction parts there, the construction could be a stair from the old cp roof to the regular roof pretty much the same way it is done at the mg. To add even more debt you could remove the vertical ladder as a whole making allies only able to access the roof via constructable stairs and/or the entrance to the bank
  12. just by the way ET was made and is played you can see that medic is the most beneficial class, is that a problem? no. For a class-type game or even just FPS ET has a unique chemistry where a teambuild is dominated by support players, because the support players are both support and rifler whereas other classes are for obj or AOE explosive damage. By forcing the issue on "evening out" the classes the only thing you truely do is giving people more reason to play AEO classes breaking the balance of the game. The reason I avoid Silent1 is because of the amount of engi's and field opses using their tools (nades and arty respectively) so much the server just becomes a mess. Also calling people a veteran based on their first time loading the game is kinda laughable. I mean, I personally started in 2009/2010 but without trying to sound like an arrogant prick I probably have a better understanding of the game than a lot of people from 2003-2008.
  13. I always loved to play Tap Tap Revenge 4 on my old iPod but unfortunately I had to switch to android eventually and the game was iOS only. However with the launch of Tap Tap Reborn in 2016 and Tap Tap Reborn 2 in 2017 new life was given to the franchise, now for android AND iOS. The premise of the game is really simple, you have 3 lines on which noted will appear and all you need to do is press the buttons on the moment there is a note there. Sounds easy right? I downloaded it like a month ago and its now one of my main activities in the train, despite the weird looks I get because my face gets pretty "focussed" so to speak. Just this morning I reached top 20 on one the songs they offer so Im getting even more hyped about the game Anyone else here who is tapping? Or maybe someone who used to play the iOS only version and gave up looking for an Android version? First video is a relatively easy song played on hard difficulty, second video.... well I guess it speaks for itself how hard that one is
  14. adlernest, 0, 100,erdenberg_b3, 0, 100,frostbite, 0, 100,karsiah_te2, 8, 100,braundorf_b4, 0, 100,supply, 0, 100,missile_b3, 10, 100,et_ufo_final, 0, 100,pirates, 8, 100,sp_delivery_te, 0, 100,sw_goldrush_te, 6, 100,radar, 10, 100,tc_base, 6, 100 Which maps are fit for 2v2 is honestly a bit vague, but imo this should be the minimum/maximum per map. maps you should add bremen, 8, 100 maps you might wanna add et_beach, 6, 100 decay, 6, 100 p.s.: not sure about the version but please make sure that you have the right version of erdenberg (the one with the open area around the flag instead of the wall infront of window and cave) edit: @Flible battery, fuel dump, oasis, and rail gun have all proven over time to not be good scrim maps.
  15. if you want a good interpretation about the activity of a server I wouldnt consider using a mean but rather a median. If a server is off peak hours the server will also attract less players whereas a near full server will attract even more players. If the amount of players that are joining is so correlated with the amount of people on the server the distribution will usually be skewed making the mean usually misrepresenting. I bet the median (or mode if you wanna look at that) is higher than the mean

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