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  1. yes I agree, therefor I want the poison knifes to be removed
  2. Have you ever see me whine about arty? Medic? Panzer on any server? "Some say it kill your fun and it s annoying , too thoses i answer , soo is the panzer user who vaporise himself while he kill me . Soo is the eternal rambo medic who never die because of his good aim and med pack , The f ops pro arty spammer and the engy r-nade luncher" You are bringing up a lot of stuff about stats. Maybe you are diferent from me but I dont really care about that thus I wont use that as an argument, all I care about is a nice flow in the game. -Damage radius, there are many things to say about this. First of all my point is that throwing knife does not limit movement SPEED, I didnt say anything about maneuvering. Second of all like an unexperienced knife user sucks compared to an experienced user, an unexperienced panzer user will suck compared to an experienced panzer user. Both weapons, like every other weapon have a learning curve and eventhough that learning curve might be quicker with a panzer this is not the point Im making at all. Third of all unless you are as bright as you make yourself sound Im sure that you have noticed that knifers always camp on the same spot. Some popular places I could list is the apparatment area on Marrakech and the hallways in Teuthonia. Do you really think that radius has any value in these environments? Im sure you realise that this is not the case because even if the knife bounces against 2 or 3 walls it can still poison you. -Selfkilling, I dont care who gets the kill. The only thing I care about is that I die regardless forcing me to start back from spawn again making the game boring and repetitive. -Self damage, I dont care about k/d, The reason why selfinfliction is a good thing is that it in the scenario where you survive a panzershot you will have less trouble killing him because he already daamaged himself. Whereas when you get hit by a poison knife the thrower is still on full health, because of the poisoning effect you are unable to aim well, and the knifer can even choose to just run away from you. -one per team, you are perfectly pointing out the problem that exists here -mousekey, I dont see any logic in this argument? You can just press 3 and you switch to smg instantly whereas with panzer you have a cooldown period where you are not able to switch. How this has anything to do with mousekeys is beyond me
  3. if you have issues with medics, panzers and fops than maybe try a different game because thats around 50% of the classes lol. Since some people have been comparing panzer next to throwing knifes, lets compare them! Panzer Knife Limits movement speed Yes No Guaranteed kill No If no medic around Inflicts self damage Yes No Requires charge Yes No One per team Yes No Able to quickswitch No Yes
  4. you can trim down jaymod to the point where hns is actually enjoyable, dont expect it to look like some fast ass double jump jaymod servers after the cvars are adjusted
  5. okay, that is perfect then. That is as much as I would be able to do as well. Im surprised your files are based on tjmod since I havent seen a hns server ran on tjmod since 2013 or sth. Most are ran on either etpub, etpro, or jaymod but of course all is possible
  6. due to conflicting priorities and other personal things I havent had time to further invest time on this matter. If @daredevil could drop a message to tell me if the servercfgs are sufficient material without the lua's then I will still try my best to get those. If you want to get the lua's you would need to contact INFECTED|Micha who made them. Misha used to run hide n seek and infected servers himself but I havent seen him for like 3 years and all of my contact with him and his clanmembers was via xfire so I cant easily retrieve his info
  7. definitely attacking. spawncamping as defender is superboring because there is no map progression. Spawncamping as attacker at least gets the map to progress and maybe defenders can do better next spawnpoint
  8. song works, dont know why tumbnail is empty :0
  9. the guy I was asking did have servercfg but that is based on a private mod that would require certain lua's he doesnt have. I could still try to gather what I can but he isnt too comfortable about it so I could also drop it since it isnt a ready for use cfg anyways
  10. havent been on one of these for a while, will try to hang out at discord for shits n giggles
  11. I'm working on it already. Servercfg was based on a modded version of etpub so I might need to get that also
  12. the shadows on the pic behind garage look pretty dodgy but overall the map looks very promosing!
  13. thats why I'm suggesting 1 server for both gamemodes. The most popular hns and tj servers are still empty a lot of the time. But maybe if you combine it it will create a nice uniqueness that makes people want to come back. Will see if I can get my hands on a servercfg. Still in good contact with the leader of a clan who used to run a hns server
  14. do you think it is possible to create a server for both gamma and hide n seek based on votable serverconfigs? that would be pretty awesome

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