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  1. Any updates on this issue? I just noticed that F|A 1 is #1 server! Congratulations! I'm stuck with boondocks-style wireless DSL for a couple months, and I don't want to hurt you guys with my 999 ping, so I won't be on for a while... Y'all play hard, and keep up the good work! L.A.W.
  2. My roomie and I watched this video twice as we packed up our stuff. I guarantee this is one of the best Wolfenstein videos that can be made!
  3. AAAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! v21 !!! HAHAHAAAA!!!! Brilliant! (side note, I was celebrating my last final with 10oz of cheap vodka and a few beers... Bleecchh.... I felt like v21 this morning.)
  4. I am 50/50 on negative/positive. I am usually objective and team-minded, and when I do kill, I kill in a way that helps the obj. and/or my team. (IE choke points, clearing areas around the objective, etc.) I hate it when I'm the only one trying to complete the objectives, and I'm up against loads of enemy soldiers, most of which are rambo medics!
  5. To spawnkill Spiffytexan
  6. I love your signature graphic, Medic! I grew up watching Mr. Beene at my grandparents house.
  7. Hah! True! I was helping an older 'Nam vet move his stuff, and when I picked up an old yearbook-looking book, an old foreign 40ish page "friend" fell out. :shock: :?
  8. The "Red Cross" logo is needed on the medpack, I feel... can we get a Yama 310 camo pattern with the "Red Cross" can?
  9. I like the green two, personally... Thank y'all very much!
  10. Uh oh....the release client of Windows Vista's brother? I'll stick with Windows ME for now.... Microsoft made 4 good things: Windows 95 Windows Media Player 11 Windows XP Windows picture viewer Thanks for the link, and the heads-up!
  11. I agree that sideways is better. The design is great(!) but I think the gray should be replaced with a pattern or texture. The texture making the "Fearless Assassins" header on the main area of the site looks pretty good - sort of like a colorful camouflage. Can you put a red/whiteish camouflage pattern on the can? Good job guys!
  12. I'm a decent photoshopper, but I can't to any 3 dimensional modeling outside of google sketch-up...come to think of it, I could perhaps make a 3d model, but it would be crude, and I don't know if google sketch-up can output the model into whatever format we need it. Y'all let me know if you need my services.
  13. I am going to your college, Spiffy. My finals are mostly this week. I have two tomorrow. Why am I on the forums? Help me, comrade, help me! (Oh, and you owe me a few bucks! )
  14. Great video by the way, but WWI was a time where killing was held in it's proper place-only when necessary. >80% of soldiers in WWI refused to shoot a human the first time shoot the first time they had the opportunity to. In WWII, we switched to human silhouette targets, and that number dropped to 20%. Today, fewer than 1% of soldiers refuse to shoot someone the first time they are asked to.

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