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  1. Different Medpacks

    Any updates on this issue? I just noticed that F|A 1 is #1 server! Congratulations! I'm stuck with boondocks-style wireless DSL for a couple months, and I don't want to hurt you guys with my 999 ping, so I won't be on for a while... Y'all play hard, and keep up the good work! L.A.W.
  2. Best Wolfenstein Video Ever!

    My roomie and I watched this video twice as we packed up our stuff. I guarantee this is one of the best Wolfenstein videos that can be made!
  3. Yeah, so, won't be on for a while.

    AAAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! v21 !!! HAHAHAAAA!!!! Brilliant! (side note, I was celebrating my last final with 10oz of cheap vodka and a few beers... Bleecchh.... I felt like v21 this morning.)
  4. Going Negative

    I am 50/50 on negative/positive. I am usually objective and team-minded, and when I do kill, I kill in a way that helps the obj. and/or my team. (IE choke points, clearing areas around the objective, etc.) I hate it when I'm the only one trying to complete the objectives, and I'm up against loads of enemy soldiers, most of which are rambo medics!
  5. 3 word story

    To spawnkill Spiffytexan
  6. Windows 7 RC - Download Available!

    I love your signature graphic, Medic! I grew up watching Mr. Beene at my grandparents house.
  7. Different Medpacks

    Hah! True! I was helping an older 'Nam vet move his stuff, and when I picked up an old yearbook-looking book, an old foreign 40ish page "friend" fell out. :shock: :?
  8. Different Medpacks

    The "Red Cross" logo is needed on the medpack, I feel... can we get a Yama 310 camo pattern with the "Red Cross" can?
  9. Different Medpacks

    I like the green two, personally... Thank y'all very much!
  10. Windows 7 RC - Download Available!

    Uh oh....the release client of Windows Vista's brother? I'll stick with Windows ME for now.... Microsoft made 4 good things: Windows 95 Windows Media Player 11 Windows XP Windows picture viewer Thanks for the link, and the heads-up!
  11. Different Medpacks

    I agree that sideways is better. The design is great(!) but I think the gray should be replaced with a pattern or texture. The texture making the "Fearless Assassins" header on the main area of the site looks pretty good - sort of like a colorful camouflage. Can you put a red/whiteish camouflage pattern on the can? Good job guys!
  12. Different Medpacks

    I'm a decent photoshopper, but I can't to any 3 dimensional modeling outside of google sketch-up...come to think of it, I could perhaps make a 3d model, but it would be crude, and I don't know if google sketch-up can output the model into whatever format we need it. Y'all let me know if you need my services.
  13. 3 word story

    which was made

    I am going to your college, Spiffy. My finals are mostly this week. I have two tomorrow. Why am I on the forums? Help me, comrade, help me! (Oh, and you owe me a few bucks! )
  15. My paintball video

    Great video by the way, but WWI was a time where killing was held in it's proper place-only when necessary. >80% of soldiers in WWI refused to shoot a human the first time shoot the first time they had the opportunity to. In WWII, we switched to human silhouette targets, and that number dropped to 20%. Today, fewer than 1% of soldiers refuse to shoot someone the first time they are asked to.