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  1. I have had this issue before when i was trying out ubuntu. By googling you find a lot of answers to it that people say works for them. One time one of the methods worked for me but i remember two other installs it did not work. My best suggestion is et legacy as it comes with everything you need.
  2. Attacking is definitely more fun in balanced gameplay
  3. Don't lose your wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  4. I made a mock-up config on how I would do a hardcore server, I think it has the potential to play much more hardcore like, where your life and your team/class synergy is more relied on. I definitely think it would need some feedback and testing on how well it actually plays out especially charge times(I think they should be high, but still not too slow you can't use your kit). A lot of it is obviously inspired by etpro, but also trying to take advantage of some mod features that you would not see in etpro. May be missing some cvars/features I mainly just did a quick rundown of the wiki so if I missed anything or something seems off let me know, I can explain further my reasoning behind something or fix it. Here is a list of what I thought relevant settings: Spawntimes were not included as I feel they should be looked at depending on the map but I think a good point to aim for would be 17 24. And here are the cvars, I did not include non gameplay cvars:
  5. Yeah I agree that should disable background in the editor if possible. Otherwise when copy pasting from other places you need to paste as plain text, or it becomes difficult to read on other styles, most the time you don't even know its not plain text.
  6. +1 to this idea. And maybe some way to remove some annoying settings that are on hardcore like flak jacket playdead, and spawntimes(I will later go through and find my old server config and expand what I mean in more detail) Also team_maxplayers would be 11. in your example. 11 vs 11.
  7. Best of recent openings that comes to mind:
  8. My signature? Says her name right in it! Better known as shinobu Sengoku is only second best girl, undeserving of signature. However she does have the best opening Also yes that has been posted before that and that stupid bleach sad one always bring back so many memories xD
  9. Don't think I have posted this yet Music: SEREBRO - Mi Mi Mi (nightcore) Anime: Many
  10. https://youtu.be/n0i8YCjIAZg Song: Kids in America for some reason the dude disabled embedding for his video, never seen that.
  11. Hello! The people that leave are the people that don't vote most of the time, the ready thing wouldn't change anything they still would not vote and would still leave. If I am understanding this right the intermission would not end until enough players have pressed the ready button, if that is true that would not work because people could hold the server hostage and not vote and then everyone would leave. The only thing that WOULD help is if those people voted the map they wanted, there is plenty of time to vote. Nextmap vote would be be a negative, people would have already left by time map is voted, and then if next map is passed the people that did vote wouldn't get to play their map - unfair. There are only a few server killing maps and if you notice it happen a lot then I suggest asking to replace it in the map suggestions. Reducing the spawntimes: No I would much prefer the spawntimes be 30/20 (Honestly when server is full I would like them to be like 40/30 or something crazy because god damn people respawn fast) I know that going that high is just a dream but I would be satisfied with any sort of spawntime increase. Panzer thing can't be done in silent I think can't recall, there isn't as much control over it at least.
  12. I remember when it was on hardcore, we always had someone watching to make sure some known troublemakers would not do the glitch, they were warned and kicked sometimes for it.
  13. Nice reply, I look forward to next releases then!