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  1. The is the current song in my "I can listen to this 30 times in a row" playlist.
  2. In the last week or so I started getting crazy lag on Silent 1. The only change I made was updating Windows 10 to v1909 (Windows updates usually screw me over). I've ran some diagnostics and I just don't understand the results. Using PingPlotter, if I set the target to Silent 1, I get 90% packet loss between my PC and the router. If I set the target to my router, I get <5% packet loss. There are no hops in between my router and the server according to tracert and pingplotter, and i usually have <10 ping on Silent 1 as a result. Attached are a handful of screenshots of results for t
  3. Aft3rmath

    Windows New pc build

    Agree with the RAM speed comments. A friend of mine has a 2700X build and recommends 3000mhz+
  4. Proud Dad moment. June driving the old Jeep! (I didn't give her the shiner, that happened at school )
  5. Aren't you running a 1080TI Geoff? What are you running for a GPU Moses? I'm getting 55 FPS with most settings at high with an RX580. I haven't really tried tweaking the settings though. DX12 seemed to cause the game to crash more for me even with GPU drivers that support DX12 on BF5.
  6. The game is still a bit buggy, but aside from my lame wifi drivers that require random resets I haven't had any serious issues. I'm getting a stable 55 FPS. I wouldn't mind if they tweaked the team autobalance though, nothing like joining a game of conquest where the other team is holding all the objs and you get killed as soon as you spawn.
  7. Im starting to get the hang of it. had a couple games of 20ish kills. I started getting weird spikes of packet loss last night that would have me stuck in place. I'll do some investigating tonight but I believe its my wifi. I'll add you tonight Geoff, I think my name is FA_Aft3rmath.
  8. Anyone playing BF5 yet? I'm not sure what the easiest way to find each other in game would be. So far, the game is fun but hard. Seems a bit inconsistent on how many shots it takes to kill someone.
  9. A few pictures from the baby announcement. Girl number 2 on the way!
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