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  1. Happy Birthday Creed!

  2. Happy Birthday Creed!

  3. Happy Birthday Creed!

  4. Lessons 1-5 of my JavaScript tutorials I wrote. Covers the basic essentials of learning JavaScript. Enjoy
  5. This is the support topic for the tutorial Simple Text Animation in Gimp. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.
  6. The next stepping stone in learning basic JavaScript programming. These tutorials cover how to interact with elements on a page. If there are any mistakes in this tutorial, bring them to my attention and I will correct them. Thank you
  7. Won't help you Funk, I'll still pwn you
  8. I think it is a horrible idea. It kinda ties into the whole controversy right now about the internet companies in the US giving better service to companies that pay more and same with customers, etc. Its stupid.
  9. Exactly. It would be used to attempt to mute the rights of freedom of assembly, speech, etc. I think there would be a large number of protests should this even be ratified in our country given how much of our countries infrastructure relies on the internet.
  10. So with the crisis in Egypt right now, the talk has often been shifted towards talk of an "internet kill switch." A bill regarding this has been brought up in congress and debate is supposed to take place at some point in the near future. What do you feel about it? Approve? Disapprove? Can't decide? Why do you feel the way you do about the subject?
  11. Creed


    Wouldn't they be somewhat similar to arrays in other languages? Seems like most of those languages have similar syntax for variable definitions and what not.
  12. Good tutorial. Just a quick thing I noticed, wouldn't the reflection in the water have a far lower opacity than the primary image. I do however, love the water animation you have in there. Nice job
  13. Creed

    League of Legends

    Um, usually when I get home from school. Over the weekend I'll probably play quite a bit with some of my friends, so if you're on I'll get my friend to invite you to our game What is your in game name so I can add you?
  14. Creed

    League of Legends

    Okay. I added Ethaaaaan and The Philosopher. My name is Gizmo385
  15. Creed

    League of Legends

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defense_of_the_Ancients A band (Swedish I think) wrote a song inspired by it lol Still completely free (unless you buy riot points for skins or special champion packages, but that is totally optional. I don't know how many other people play it, so that's why I made the forum because I wanna get some =F|A= on my friends list for it if they play. I'm currently level 17 (out of 30) in the game. it is an entirely PvP (player vs player) game that pits groups of people called "summoners" who select "champions" in the waiting lobby of the game. Each champion has 4 abilities (some have forms that grant additional abilities) and 1 passive ability. Each champion can progress to level 18 throughout the course of the game. You acquire gold throughout the match to purchase items by killing enemy champions, killing minions (trash mobs), destroying turrets or inhibitors. You can get bonus points if you kill someone who is on a killstreak and based on the size of said killstreak it will award an amount of bonus gold accordingly. Throughout the 18 levels of the game, you get 1 point to spend per level. This point can be spent to increase the rank of 1 of your 4 abilities. The first 3 abilities are available at the beginning of the game and each of those abilities has 5 ranks, increasing damage/healing, reducing/increasing mana cost, decreasing cooldown. The 4th ability is your Ultimate ability which is an ability that defines that specific character, and that ability has 3 ranks, each rank exhibiting the same pattern as with your previous 3 abilities as you upgrade. The game is won by defeating the enemy "Nexus" which is located in the center of their base. There are several "lanes" that lead to the enemy base (2 lanes in the 3v3 map and 3 lanes in the 5v5 map). Along each lane are several turrets, which have a large amount of health and deal significant damage and must be destroyed before progressing down the lane. To compensate for the significant damage output of these turrets and to prevent champions from consistently dying trying to defeat the turrets, they have minions. Minions are fairly low health creatures that are AI controlled that will attack the enemy turrets/inhibitors/nexus, attack enemy minions, and attack enemy champions. Getting a killing blow on one of these minions awards an amount of gold, that adds to your gold stores to buy items to increase the potency of your champion. Once one of the turrets in question is destroyed, you can progress farther down lane to destroy another turret, eventually reaching the enemy inhibitor which allows you to attack the nexus, and grants your team stronger minions. Once the enemy Nexus is destroyed, you win the game, but if your nexus is destroyed, you lose the game. I think I covered most of everything, its a really fun game once you get into it lol. /end wall of text

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