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  1. Their goalkeeper was broken in game***** Sergio Ramos won that match for Real Madrid, liverpool had to have won it
  2. Wow, that looks awesome! Love Goldrush and I am really excited to try it! Thank you!
  3. @Vindstot I yawned 20 times in 3:20 min. lol
  4. LoL, you guys travel so much! Brazil (live here) USA 1x
  5. My English is not one of the best, sometimes I do not communicate because of it. But I always knew that the FA family was there with its members, leaders, players, and as soon as I met I wanted to be a part of it all. I owe my congratulations to those responsible for maintaining everything. Everyone who started and gave continuity so that today, I would come back and find all this here and even better! Both the game and the players have been part of my life, even I do not talk much, but I recognize everyone who made/make part of the history of the game. Thanks man, here in Brazil lacks this feeling of union and family and I as a Brazilian and seeing so many other Brazilians around here, I feel grateful for this feeling that the clan conveys to us.
  6. Look at the image for 5 seconds. I doubt you're not yawning now.
  7. Like every weapon with it peculiarities. But love thompson.
  8. Most of my life playing this game. Nice to know it has 15 years old, I fell in love since I played for the first time. And doen't matter for how long I just stop playing it, I'm always coming back to have fun. Ty, ET.
  9. Poison knife is fun. Let's keep it
  10. Man, what about Sergio Ramos on Salah? That was sad
  11. Well, I was part of the clan since long time ago(2011). Stopped playing for a few years, and now I came back to game and to the forums. When I was playing on jay1, I checked that still have my lvl 12, and was told by Admins to put tags. I did it but =F|A Leather asked me few questions about my lvls, and I decided to post it to explain it and to ask if I need re-apply or whatever to stay on the clan. ty.
  12. WET GUID updated

  13. @daredevil WOW, it is an old hotmail, but I got it lmao! Should I just delete the another profile? I'll keep finding my app.
  14. @daredevil I'm trying everything here, but I really can't. An old e-mail.
  15. My old profile: https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/4949-chambarelli-eduardo/
  16. @daredevil I am pretty sure that I had an aplication and I was accepted. I have duly earned levels lvls! But as I said, it was a long time ago and I don't know if here on forums we have an archive of too old applies. Anyway, I'll try to find it.
  17. OMG I'm so excited to see this game and this Clan still exists! I play WET since long time ago, have my profile here since 2011 and was a FA member. I'm coming back to the game, wish to see many bro's still here. Sorry about my english, brazilian here Good to see you all around, let's play!
  18. I used "=F|A=Chamba." name. I stopped playing because of life too, and now I think it's ok to come back and shoot a few of you in game lol. Thank God FA still exists, I've never had fun on others servers. But thank you all! For sure you guys will see me playing around in servers, love this clan! See ya!

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