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  1. BBA is still in, flame guards is like oasis just mirrored with teams in my opinion
  2. Man its cool, but i cant buy it :/
  3. okay i wil ldo, i meant http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/430-v2-factory-v2-factorypk3/
  4. im against the baserace break, its like almost never playable, we need it more! i would take out am_hydro_dam since its just boring.
  5. suicide squad ofc good film 8/10 story a bit weak greetz
  6. i have some maps to suggest and maybe improve the rotation abit Airstrip: http://activegamer.net/et/map/247-Airstrip_2_ET_(Final).html Basserace ofc moe often maybe Cathedral: http://activegamer.net/et/map/403-Cathedral_(Final).html Christmas Fueldump: (its soon) http://activegamer.net/et/map/179-Fueldump_Christmas_(Final).html GA_el_kef: http://activegamer.net/et/map/520-GA_El_Kef_(Final).html Goldrush MLB Beach: http://activegamer.net/et/map/70-MLB_Beach_(Final).html MLB D-Day: http://activegamer.net/et/map/73-MLB_D-Day_(Final).html MLB Temple: http://activegamer.net/et/map/24-MLB_Temple_(Final).html North Pole: http://activegamer.net/et/map/579-North_Pole_(Final).html Radar Summer: http://activegamer.net/et/map/15-Radar_Summer.html Rommel GA: http://activegamer.net/et/map/828-Rommel_GA_(Final).html Saberpeak: http://activegamer.net/et/map/16-Saberpeak_(Final).html Sands of time: http://activegamer.net/et/map/651-Sands_of_Time_(Beta_2).html Tank Buster: http://activegamer.net/et/map/726-TankBuster_2.0.0.html The River 2: http://activegamer.net/et/map/745-The_River_II_-Redux-_(Final).html Transmitter: http://activegamer.net/et/map/18-Transmitter_(Final).html V2 Base: http://activegamer.net/et/map/777-V2-Factory_(Final).html Vesuvius: http://activegamer.net/et/map/787-Vesuvius_Rev_(Final).html take out Oasis, BBA CTF, hydro dam kind regards uNdeAd
  7. for jay 1 Vesuvius: http://fearless-assassins.com/files/download/899-vesuvius-map-original/ Rhine Bridge: http://fearless-assassins.com/files/download/700-rhine-bridge-2-final-rhine2pk3/ Praetoria-Mission Two: Hell on Wheels:http://fearless-assassins.com/files/download/622-praetoria-mission-two-hell-on-wheels-praetoria-m2pk3/
  8. stalingrad, vesuvius, battle of wolken, praetoria: Misson One, dubrovnik, x-posed e.g.
  9. ye good maps, Jay1 needs really a new rotation! i fall almost asleep everytime i play venice or marr. also just as suggest, maps like supply depot (small maps) are suboptimal with many players. Greetz
  10. Happy Birthday uNdeAd!

  11. everyday im shuffelin

  12. at the moment, it seems people (includes me) dont like cortex and quit the server, i dont know if cortex is a good map ... bring minas back is my oppinion :D

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