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  1. what a first match lol
  2. wsh

    1. Snatixx


      Yo tu viens à la prochaine LAN en tant que spec? ;)

    2. Terror_<3


      Le botkamp a ferme :(

  3. Belgium to semi final, mark my words
  4. I like it, it borderline looks like Discord tho, design wise
  5. I'm still a "noob" at it, currently using the iStick Pico 75W but I feel like it's draining a ridiculous amount of juice
  6. Terror_<3


  7. I'll give it a shot for sure
  8. Seems like a routing / tracing issue from your side, try using a different ISP perhaps?
  9. Terror_<3

    Favorite Teams

    Soccer: Real Madrid!
  10. 30$ Transaction id: 9RE5949690615181Y. I couldn't pay for gold vip membership with Paypal balance, so I donated instead as I was advised by Shana on Discord :). I would appreciate if I obtain the Golden VIP perks.
  11. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words!!
  12. Thanks pal, I appreciate it
  13. Hey ladies and gents. After a really long break (approx 4 or 5years) I decided to give ET a try once more, the idea came out of no where while I was driving back home from work ^^. I was around during the 2010 / 2011 era ^^. Other than that, I'm from Belgium, Brussels. Main language is french and I currently work as a flight attendant for Emirates flight at the Brussels International Airport. I'm looking forward to meet y'all ig. I'm a really easy person to approach and discuss with. Feel free to say hello or pm ig. I mostly play on jay1 but I've heard that F|A has Insurgency servers. Something that I'll try for sure!

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