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  1. Happy Birthday GhostWalls!

  2. happy birthday :D

  3. Sorry that it's been so long, i've been really busy these past few months XD I'll be playing online today too! and probably from now on
  4. We use vent to say hi. i'd say hi on vent but i cant install it on my dads laptop and even if i did i don't have a mic here in indiana, i'll say hi on Vent in a couple weeks when i get back to Vegas though!
  5. Thanks Thunder. Atleast someone said hi... lol
  6. GhostWalls

    Hey guys!

    I just wanna say, sorry that i've been inactive, i'm visiting my dad right now in Indiana and he only has a laptop that he has to use for work so i don't wanna install ET on it, i get back August 1st, so i'll see you guys on the battlefield then
  7. While eating tweenkies
  8. That's exactly what i wanna do too if i can't make it in the Fire Service, i'm gonna join the Marines. But anyways, Thank You for all you have done!
  9. Thanks bullet! I see you sometimes, and your pretty good yourself. Keep up the good work

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