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  1. Oh the good old days... 40+ players daily on Jay2. God I miss those times... I still have tons of screenshots of it at home!
  2. I'll go further as; Nefarious!


    How y'all doinggggg ?:) 

    1. Kai


      Its a great name :D

    2. N3farious

      + N3farious

      IT is mate, IT is. :P 

    3. Platonic


      I'm sure this will end with "Nefnef".

  3. Wow! Huge respect that you can drive a car like that. So Jelly. lol...
  4. I have a 1080p monitor, I'll try 1280 x 1024 tonight on it. With Fov around 100. Will see how that works out. Got 52 kills yesterday with 120 HS. But average ACC of 34 on 1080p @ 120 fov
  5. I normally play @ 120 fov. lol. :S
  6. In-game activity is low due some privat issues. But everyday online at the forums!

  7. Feeling so broken, having contact with your ex is a difficulty thing, if you want to go further but she is still not 100% if thats the right choice...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Xernicus


      Hmm. If she still loves you, but wasn't committed... that sounds like a mental health condition to me. Especially with mood swings/activity changes lasting 2-4(?) months. I know most people think of it as "cheating", but there's usually something more complex behind the scenes. You might try to lightly try to point her to a counselor to help. Don't try to take this all on by yourself. Don't feel offended if she isn't ready or pushes back though. If she isn't ready, I'd suggest to look out for yourself and (sadly) move on. 😕

      But I'd try to remain friends. I've found that friends are everything.

    3. N3farious

      + N3farious

      Yeah... She is currently at a counselor for help. So yeah, she was last week serveral days with me. Didn't really packed out that good for my feelings, on the other hand she wants to try it again... but she is scared for her feelings she had 2,5 months ago... So I will just let her do her thing now. I wont contact her anymore till she contacted me. Better that way. Thanks for your helpfull replies mate! appreciate it.

    4. Xernicus


      Wishing you the best! I feel like you've got a solid plan- and I know that regardless of what happens, you'll be in good hands and everything will work out.

  8. https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/Server_List

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