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  1. hey, thanks all for the kind replies! I stick to jay1. Can someone set my level there?
  2. Hi there fellas, I am back on the road. How are y'all doing? Cuu in-game!
  3. Equalz in-coming.... Hi there fellas, how are y'all? :-D

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    2. equaLz


      Actually much BF1 at the moment lol :D

      Will visit this week silent 1

    3. Shape.
    4. null


      cu soon pal

  4. I wouldn't this is bad at all. He may not be the best choice... But out of the two he sure is. Hillary is one currupt pos, who will keep provoking Russia at all cost with the NATO. Also the democrats/liberals which I am overal more a fan off, are this time playing a really unfair game... Portraying Trump as a dumb clown in the News Media, which he is not for sure. a man worth billions can't be dumb. lol I would say, give this man a fair chance, he got some good points... I don't agree with all his points like his opinion against gay marriage etc.. and weapon laws.
  5. Life is so busy at the moment, Can't play for a long time... :/ I miss you guys!

    1. Dovaah


      Real life first :D

      See you soon <3

  6. None of them are worth buying, even if it's sold separately... Battlefield for me this year.
  7. Watching the whole saga since last week with my GF, pretty fun thing to watch.
  8. You can't. Intel HD is a on-board graphic chip coming from your CPU...
  9. No movie, remakes don't work most of the times...

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    2. Shape.


      Happy birthday :)

    3. Sonofdoc


      HAPPY BDAY!!!!


      !1000000000000000000 cookies from the cookie god (sonofdoc)

    4. Flible


      Zeg, kom je ook nog eens naar HC. Mietje! Zo kan ik je hat niet stelen.


      I take hats.

  11. WOW, awesome guys, thanks again!! I will be home tomorrow (Monday), Will download it directly when I am home.
  12. equaLz

    Jay1 laggy

    I don't know when you raised the /rate. but I noticed a little difference tonight, maybe it also depends on the map. I notice there is huge lag on Capuzzo, especially on the first part of the map... But anyway, thanks for looking into it DD, huge respect from my side for all the time you putted into this great community. I hope others will found a way to get a more stable gameplay. It's also hard since there are people playing with high and low pings from all over the world...

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