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  1. equaLz


    Welcome on the forums mate! Enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask anything, if you need any help!
  2. Yeah already found that website. Very useful, a lot of sounds!
  3. So far I will take the suggestions in consideration. Thursday will be my free day. Then I will work on the new soundpack.
  4. Alright. I have been following this topic for some days now and since I am a long time community regular I think its time for me to reply. First there is a reason why Jay1 still does so well. Stock Jaymod settings + dynamic map-pool. FA is well know to listen to feedback of their community. ( That's my experience over the years ). Their longevity proofs that! Second, I am really wondering about the people you're talking about who agree with you, because I barely see someone whining/complaining about the chaos. The Chaos is actually the thing that people love about Jay1. ( You are one of the few people who don't, since you're the only one complaining about it, maybe change your style of playing, seeing your KD on Track base I see you die pretty much, maybe that's why you got upset so much? ). And at last. There is a good working map vote system at the start of each map. Of course you don't like every map, counts for everyone. DD and Leaders do their best to give the community the best gaming experience they can! At the end its a hobby not their job. One pro tip: Stop thinking for others. Almost every time you make a complain here, you talk in behalf of others. Still wondering who those people are.
  5. I had a good chat with Daredevil today about the soundpack from Jay3. Since I got pretty much experience with creating soundpacks for ET, he asked if I could help with making new Vsays for Jay3. I want any sound suggestions here, think about movies, series or music I can use. I prefer non-music Vsays, but we can always take a look at it. Any links are welcome, youtube as example is full of videos with funny quotes etc... Thank you!
  6. On the jaymod servers, you can almost use any fov you like. Thats why I was wondering!
  7. I always check /scores before I join a team, as RendeL also stated. It's easy to do... Thing is, you can't always have 50/50 rounds. Even if you have 2/3 good fraggers on yourside, if the teamplay isn't there, you still can't win. Sometimes just let it go and try your best. Sometimes I already see complains when teams are decent, but some players got killed serveral times in a row and already started shouting how uneven the teams are. Change your own tactics first... Then the rest will follow.
  8. Hello, welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/83-introduce-yourself/ !
  9. Do you use different fovs? Silent is limited to 120... Maybe if you use higher Fov on Jaymod it can make a difference?
  10. Happy Birthday to me! :D 

  11. Ah, why do I miss these awesome moments?
  12. Well, problem solved, will upgrade this week. Thanks for the fast support.

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