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  1. Happy Birthday OwnsUNoobz!

  2. Happy b-day sweety!xd

  3. We should totally bring F|A to Guild Wars 2!!!!
  4. Im a school bus driver and id love to smack about 30% of the kids on my bus lol. In all seriousness only smack if the act calls for it.....
  5. Just got my PS3 back. My psn is OwnsUNoobs.Feel free to add me.The only game i have right now is MW2.
  6. Would someone for gods sake take out killhouse ffa from the rotation.....Our player base is too big for such a small map.If ffa is desired choose another map for it.Ive had a lot of complains about it and I myself hate it.
  7. Was just thinking(yeah i know....dangerous)Maybe we can look in to when someone spawns they're invincible for like 3 seconds?Would cut WAY down on the spawn camping and pissed off moods people are in shortly after being spawn camped.
  8. Was wondering if someone would be able to make me a sniper type signature.Some thing to do with head shots would be awesome.Thanks in advance.
  9. Pipeline as Sabo would be a mistake in my opinion.....I mean really who doesn't like kicking ass in the tunnels????
  10. Just a suggestion but allowing non F|A members to use the !killed command would help a lot with identifying marty users. The way it stands now someone calls out "MARTY!" we as admins ask "Who?" and they respond "I dont know (" With the !killed command it would be simple.Just an idea.
  11. RPG's are extremely fun.Especially when I'm aiming them at DontShootMe and/or SoulJAHmon.

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