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  1. secret_sense

    et server suggestion Suggeestion for NQ server.

    he ment 2.55 dunno about 2.6 since its never so full that the problem could occur
  2. 2days and night learning (lacking sleep) exam in 3 1/2 hours :(

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    2. Leichensammler
    3. nani*


      Good luck!

    4. secret_sense


      thx :) guess i made it yeah >.< next one in 2 weeks

  3. secret_sense

    News Welcome back!

    thx for your hard work
  4. yeah i made my test, only barely but doesnt matter i made it xD

    1. KingCamper


      gj..do you know what they call a DR that gradates last of his class???? DR!

    2. Baska
  5. learning for that damn test. If i fail my studies are over >.< damn

  6. secret_sense

    Other Calling all members!

    Ah well i donated 10 Euro today Sry its not more but thats all i can afford
  7. meinen herzlichsten:)

  8. Danke euch xD (Thanks )


  10. gw jonas. Glad for you :)

  11. yes i know :) i just asked you to not overdo it

  12. still visit beginners ?

  13. omg, sry didnt remember :? maybe i was afk ?

    btw. better response to the profile of your conversation partner, so he is able to know that you have give a answer ;)