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  1. Whenever i am trying to connect to FA1 i am always stuck at "Awaiting Gamestate" . The game would never commence . Anyone has solution ?
  2. Time se so jaya kar , tujhey bola tha job toh zindagi bhar karni hai, enjoy kar le abhi. btw 1 saal toh mara and get a gf, time jaldi pass hoga.

  3. So now i know how working in job feels like full of tension whole day :( not even time to play :(

  4. INDIAN**


    Yup thi issue started after =F|A=1 got removed from the TB list i msg the Tb admin paul but he gave me no reply but after 1/2hr the server was back on TB but all the favorites earlier it had 200 favorites were lost and the server on TB appeared with same IP but different data after that the TSP was lost . You can talk to Paul or refer to TB i think they can bring it back or some leader could talk to them though i personally dont matter for me whether i have show K/D or not
  5. Thank You Joe next time when i have enough i will use the same method thank you very much Chuck see this http://www.shoutmeloud.com/paypal-added-auto-withdrawal-to-bank-account-for-indian-users.html Indian users cannot store money there in paypal
  6. Sorry u did not understand what i meant to say yes i have paypal account if i said it goes directly to bank means i must have account understood by default All process are completed in paypal and i even have loaded my official taxation number on payapal as they say here as PAN(Personal Account Number ) given by Gov of india. Now the problem is that Indian government has made new policies due to the tax evasion by people through transfer to paypal and hence causing money laundering ie black money so it passed a guidelines that that the paypal or any other authority providing net money service wont be able to store Indian money in any world currency amount and so the money goes directly transferred to the bank account ie withdrawn so we cannot store money on paypal so if we cannot store then only exchange is allowed that to if one party gives money in paypal it is withdrawn within hours of the submission so that being case Indian paypal accounts wont be able to store money. if i cannot store money on paypal so how can i donate i anted to know this. I think now u understood
  7. guys i had 20$ for donation this month my 1st donation which i had earned by some part time over the internet and from PTC and task opportunities over several months. I wanted to donate the amount 20$ but as per the Paypal rules one cannot store the amount on Paypal for Indian accounts it automatically gets withdrawn to our bank. so we cannot perform any transaction through it. Could anyone elaborate the method how is it possible. And if not could we use the master or visa card websites for such transaction?? Due to this only my 20$ got withdrawn to my account and i cannot donate now until few months till i earn more
  8. Lol i saw this topic late Belated Independence day
  9. congratz blue beta party to de

    1. RedBaird


      Congratulations! You are now Full of it! Membership, that is! :)

    2. BluE*


      it took me two days, :P indian!! you must give me a party!

  10. Never thought my name would be there realized that i was promoted after anni gave me level on server Thank you guys for all ur love and congrats to all who got promoted lets make FAmily much more strong
  11. Busy without having any work dont know how

  12. I am brazil fan but wanted the Germans to win this world-cup but never wanted that they shall trash Brazil so hardly noooooooooooo still common germans u are my team brazil will settle for 3rd dont worry
  13. Yipeee i am Graduate now :)

  14. O:o good one didnt know that arty guy could make those 1st post 2 and 5th were astonishing. Why dont you try to sell those you can do this here http://www.touchtalent.com/ it has many good painters much more inspiration also my brother uses this to display his work though not much they allow some type of paid account if you want to sell them also never tried just displayed them here
  15. My favorite go Neymar and Hulk would like Brazil to win and wont be problem if Germany wins any one between them will be my choice

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