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  1. Meh..... was at a gig and the other guitar player went to switch out guitars and knocked the soundboard off the stage. Turned into a 3 hour acoustic set. And btw..... every Weezer song goes horribly wrong.
  2. Me & Sonofdoc Slipknot in August.
  3. I cut my teeth on a lot of Eagles songs. Great way to practice rhythm as most of their songs are 3 chords. Beatles are the same way as are many of the 80's & 90's Country songs. Clint Black is a great 3 chord song artist.
  4. Pull a Hendrix and reverse the strings and play guitar upside down.
  5. For acoustic, learn chords. Then when you want to learn a song, figure out the bass line. The bass line will tell you which chords to play. For electric, learn power chords. Then when you want to sound good, turn the distortion up all the way and muddle your way through it.
  6. docwarren

    Weird ingame colors

    My laptop did that just before the video card took a dump.
  7. It's on the First page, so I will mention here that Sin & DX made it possible to have 2 additional games for a total of 4 to give away.
  8. If I wanted to rig the draw, do you REALLY think I would have chosen you?
  9. We're hoping he grows a few inches this year.
  10. Drawing has been done. Son is uploading the video and will post it in a few minutes. Thanks everyone for their participation! Winners will be getting a PM shortly.
  11. The Gift..... what a twisted effin' movie!!!!!!!!!
  12. ONLY one day left! Remember, all you have to do is type in the phrase "Forget cookies! I want my copy of Insurgency!" to enter. And to let you know, I am able to run it fairly decent on my system. 2005 HP Pavilion Vista OS with upgraded PCU, 4 gig RAM and graphics card I did in in 2012 (I think).
  13. Less than 2 days to get your entry in for the FREE Insurgency give away! This is open to EVERYONE. Not just F|A members.