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  1. 3 Wishes

    You know that when you wish for world peace, all that happens is that everyone in the world disappears.
  2. What we were actually meant for

    Ok, now i'm searching the web for cat videos. There goes another hour.
  3. Roast Chicken Heist

    Finger lickin good. You know he was caught going back for the Fries.
  4. Associated Words

    Loopty loops - Sponge Bob Square pants
  5. Cats verbal fighting.

    Funny videos. Now I'm gonna watch cats videos all day. Great...
  6. New Warcraft Movie TV Trailer

    One of my favorite games back in the mid 90s. Even tried playing it recently. Had to laugh at the graphics. Movie will be good.
  7. Pic of the Day 24.03.16

    The last picture is like the inside of our house. I'm in shorts and my wife has a sweater on.
  8. Raccoons are cool. They are very resourceful. Except the ones laying on the side of the road. Rabid Raccoons, crank it up a notch. When I use the P90 build, I run and gun. Then it's Rapid Raccoon.
  9. What is your favorite food? :)

    A big bowl of Borscht. I can eat a pot of it over a day.
  10. Whats your favorite BBQ dish

    Family loves a salmon on a cedar plank. Some lemon and dill on top.
  11. How do you take your coffee?

    Same as United Blood. Only drink coffee when camping though.
  12. Use only One Word

    1. Where is your mobile phone ? on belt 2. Your hair ? straight 3. Your mother ? good cook/good grandmother 4. Your favorite objekt/thing ? house 5. Your last dream ? would have been great if I finished it 6. Your favorite car ? Subaru WRX 7. Your boy-/ girlfriend ♥ ? wife 8. Your ex-friend ? oh it's been a long time since I had one. 9. Your greatest fear ? too old to have big fear. Lots of little ones that still let me sleep at night 10. Last food you eat / drink ? Ham Sub 11. Your life ? satisfying 12. Your mood ? content 13. Beer ? Sapporo 14. Winter ? like it, no bugs 15. Summer ? hate the humidity 16. Outside of your window / house ? pool, shed 17. Last time you laughed ? 30 minutes ago, Leaf joke 18. Last time you cried ? last month, damn chick flick 19. On your bed ? a mountain of pillows I can't use 20. Love ? Life/Family
  13. How to use Chopsticks

    Get a bag of potatoe chips and eat them using chopsticks. After two or three bags, You're good.
  14. Personality Test!(Jung&Brigg Myers)

    ENTJ for me as well.