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  1. My go to Pizza is always Hawaiian with Feta. that's the game changer..
  2. 1957 Studebaker, Silver Hawk
  3. Also picked this up on Vancouver island for y Brother in law, Truck is mine but I also wish the VW was.
  4. This was late last year, charged the battery on the weekend and getting ready for spring.
  5. Still playing on the same PC, may be time to upgrade.. Still running Windows XP lol
  6. Hi there, I am in Calgary, may move now that I see Bra!ndamage lives here. lol Born and raised which is unusual for Calgarians. Most are from out East.
  7. Hi Guys, and Gals, Been enjoying myself on Jay2 recently, & really forgot how great and fun this community is. Looking forward to killing each and everyone of you.!! . JK, hope you don't mind me fixing jeeps and stuff. Cheers , Meaty
  8. A belated thanks for your Donation! :)

  9. Kind of partial to my summer ride, bonus points to anybody that can name the make and year.
  10. Canadian dollar sucks but I was due to donate, thanks for all the games!! $100.00 USD = $400.00 CAD.....jk Confirmation # 65T14939HH707272L Meaty
  11. Here is a picture of my summer ride.
  12. Hey dude...I'm such a nub. Here is the demo of us fukking around on Minas with multisatch and flamethrower from last month!


  13. Count me in, That was hilarious1 i never knew you could do that. Thanks for the tip, and the comedy

  14. Ahhhhh! Meatface! I'm sorry man but when I checked my recordings, it wasn't there! We gotta do it again man! It looked badass as all hell!

  15. Hey there, you gonna post that video? i would love to see it.lol

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