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  1. ET DemoView Edition

  2. Belgium friends, help required.

    Yes he did, but he has no family or close friends.
  3. Belgium friends, help required.

    Thanks Sis, I hope if you know who want to adopt them could be nice, he is looking for somebody who take care of them, Skully count with us. Please amigos, if you know somebody in Belgium and you trust on that person and if is able to adopt 2 cats, please let me know. Por favor :')
  4. Hola Well guys, I dont know how to start this, our lovely and old friend SkullCollector (maybe most of you dont even know him) has some personal issues with a neighbor, he contacted me to make this topic, he is asking for some help, he needs admins or regulars who live in Belgium and are able to adopt his kittens, I dont know his address or the quantity of cats, maybe some of you are friends on Facebook and are following the story closely. So please if anyone is interested in helping him out, contact me via pm and I will contact him to makes this easier. Thank you and excuse me. Update: I got his address and phone number, are 2 kitties and they dont suppose to be separated.
  5. ET Folder

    Im gettingsome issues with ET Folder, every time I took and SS, Demo or Log it's created in this folder: C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\silent instead: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory But every time I run ET everything erase and begins on 0 files, I cant save my config or any other files meanwhile I run again ET. Have you read anything like this on the past? Any solution?
  6. Whats your spanish songs

    lmao, where are tou from?
  7. How stupid are you?

    3. I stop the train wih my hand.
  8. Me vs Trolls

    lol Vana Papi papichulo!
  9. Me vs Trolls

    Hey, you can tell me Papi
  10. good trickjump movie

    If you want to post a video do the next: [video] url here [/video] and we get this:
  11. Check your FW, maybe it's blocking the IP
  12. Complaint about CheepHeep

    I can make one of both of you taking your hands and walking something just romantic.
  13. EtPub on Nov 2008, I was one of the only mexicans playing, remember how I was treated for a lot of gringos being racist to me, so I choose Zapata one of those mexicans who killed a lot of gringos, after that I dediced to change my nick to Mex!ckano.