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  1. Hello ^^

    also good to see you buddy ^^
  2. Favorite Music Bands or songs

    Frima forever Polish hip hip, and HEMP GRU ^^ hip-hop smashes my heart ;**
  3. Hello ^^

    And now everyone says HI!!! Tell me what's new with you??
  4. F|A

  5. F|A

    GUID=Etkey ?
  6. F|A

    Listen entered the console \pb_myguid and showed me my guid wrote down the last 8 characters, and it does not work no matter what happens
  7. F|A

    Hey my name is ReelkA, Is there any decision about my selection to the F | A ? HELP
  8. Idea

    you know the map typical for relaxation, for fun
  9. Idea

    I have suggestions for the admins and concepts for players. I have an idea to add a new map on the server. Of course I mean the map CORTEX because it is a big map, and will not spam too much people in one place please comment my conception THANKS
  10. Funny :)

    haahahahah cRazY
  11. thanks

    You know turtle, this link does not work ;/ Roberto thanks for accepting xD you're right papito. and thanks for your help .ll try to be more active in the forum. I know that recruitment is often a wait. Luckily I have friends in the F|A clan
  12. HELP

    Hi guys i weiting for my apply, and i dont know whats happened withi my apply?? help me
  13. HI F|A want join

    Hello F|A clan, my name in the game is ReelkA i have 60k exp and i want join to F|A I play long enough, in this server and i want join I think that the people of the clan are pleasant and helpful I LOVE F|A SERVER :] please reply fast, in the game or forum THANKS