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  1. Other Lets Congratz our new Leaders

  2. Gratz from me too! ( Yeah, I'm still alive if some of you remember me ) Maybe it's time to see if I can find some time for W:ET, will be hard but...
  3. Vike is back after looooong hiatus

    So sorry to hear all that :/ Wellcome back, let's see on servers!
  4. Hi there.

    Welcome back! Just saw you on HC and talked a bit I think I have a vague memory of you
  5. Low FPS/twitching ( problem solved )

    Switched back to r_primitives 0 and everything is good. The problem was with my NVIDIA settings.
  6. Low FPS/twitching ( problem solved )

    Problem is solved now, things seem to work with r_primitives 2. I can try with 0 and see if things go back to worse. If you guys want some more details. E: I'll test this tomorrow. From other topics and Anni's reply it sure seems like r_primitives should be 0. Just out of curiosity I have to do some tests, just don't have the time today.
  7. Low FPS/twitching ( problem solved )

    I think part of the problem was that I was switching from ATI to NVIDIA. Needed to tweak my cfg and some game-specific settings from NVIDIAs settings.
  8. Just bought a new graphics card and W:ET started twitching and my FPS was no longer stable. Before there were no twitching and FPS was stable at 125. Old card: radeon 6950 HD New card: geforce GTX 960 Running in windows 7. Switching r_primitives from 0 to 2 helped with FPS, they are now stable but I still get some twitching. Every couple of seconds the game 'freezes' for under half a second and messes my gameplay. Any advice? E: Problem seems to be solved for now. Followed instructions in some of the topics here ( should have done that before posting ). Needed to turn of Threaded optimization, Triple buffering, and Vertical sync in NVIDIA 3d options like instructed here: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/71373-fps/
  9. To F|Amily...and the ones I hangout with.

    This is tough, wish you all good luck :/
  10. Other Promotions

    Congratulations to everyone!
  11. Fearless Assassins Logo 2015

    This looks good. Might have to get some product
  12. Hello from Canary isles

    Had some cold beer yesterday, but the weather aint warm. Have fun there