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  1. Happy Birthday charbladex!

  2. Here's a few sentences I like to say when I'm lagging pretty badly, feel free to add your own If I played on a toaster, I would probably do better I'm slower than a donkey with Parkinson's... I can teleport across the map without even trying! If I lagged anymore I would go back in time I wrote this sentence 5 minutes ago, it's just showing up now omg lol bbq lag Anymore to add to my very random topic...?
  3. Dang dude thanks for this; with be usefull
  4. Lol all the sudden I'll be the weird guy on the forum
  5. English: fluent Spanish: can hold a short convo Mandarin (Chinese): can hold a VERY short convo German, Latin, French, Korean, and Japanese: I can speak to you with general ease, can't understand anything you say back
  6. charbladex


    Thanks I've been needing one too
  7. Hi Goon, to bad I beat your record of 3 months, I've been inactive for 3 YEARS Welcome though
  8. charbladex


    You can hurt yourself with the flamethrower, w/or w/out friendly fire on; like Kat0n said you just aim at your feet and fire, or aim at a wall you're standing next to and if you're the right distance it'll hit you back. I love playing as flame that's why i know
  9. Sure; Daredevil do you still remember me? I think I probably saw you the most out of the F|A members I played with Also I forgot to say I play on F|A Silent recruiting 30 days xp and F|A hardcore xp save
  10. Hello again F|A, I've been playing ET a lot more lately and tried to see if I could remember this old account's info, turns out I do I originally joined (Member Since 04 Apr 2009), got admin 3 on the server I played, and if i do say so myself was pretty close to a lot of the F|A members (then my computer crashed) So just saying hi again - I can't play on that old account with the better stats and admin lv because it's on my computer that's broken down and thrown away, so new account in-game (still named charbladex) old account in-forum. Added thanks to =F|A=Snake for helping me out with getting back into ET
  11. Happy Birthday charbladex!

  12. i say !sex to all clan leaders (wuz serious $kull XDD) !sex to devil n rainer n the other ppl im missin (cuz theres to many ppl to remember all names) n i just kinda wunted to say this cuz i felt like it (oh yea n joedirt but hes tired n cranky) so massage for him (just felt like bein random)
  13. ohs noes not spiffy!!! cya when u fix it lol

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