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  1. How many times did u fall?
  2. Skyline!?


    Thanks, how do i convert so i can post?
  3. Skyline!?


    I just recorded an AimBot on Jay3 and didnt have XFire open so had to use ET recorder. But the file is .DM_84 :S How do i open/convert it??
  4. Skyline!?

    Jay3 PB

    Because if it is an obvious hack then it is more than likely an older hack which PB should already have and know about so they should notice and ban right away.
  5. Skyline!?

    Jay3 PB

    Yeah they were both obvious Aimbots Ones PB should have caught right away
  6. Skyline!?

    Jay3 PB

    Guys you may need to look at the PB on Jay3, doesn't seem to work! That's twice in one week i have had to hunt down admin on other server to bad cheaters
  7. Skyline!?

    Jay 3

    Can we get ET Beach on Jay 3, even for a day! Love that map
  8. As soon as PayPal (GAY) approves my new CC i'll donate
  9. Server Has just crashed!
  10. Thanks, tried both still ain't working Just weird cos i can get in the other server
  11. I can only get into the Recruiting server all others come up with : Game Code ( UI_MP_x86.dll) Failed Pure Server Check. Anyone know what to do? I've tried re-install, no change. Thanks. Skylin3?!

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