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  1. vAin

    Debug command

    ET does not give any crash errors, it just stops working (which is why I thought it to be a driver issue) en then it closes the whole .exe. I am not too sure what you mean with recording my whole upload stream, but I guess you mean that this records all commands I send to the server. This would be a way of doing it, yes, but if ET had some built-in command that did this, I wouldn't have to do this all. Not saying I actually could I know, that's why it's a fresh reinstall, meaning that I delete all maps that have ET in their names (I didn't really do this, it's a metaphor ). I'm not sure about this file of yours. Is it a text file? Because the way you describe it, it sounds like a regular condump. Anyhow, I haven't had these crashes in like 3 days now, maybe they disappeared (you never know what happens with Windows).
  2. vAin

    Debug command

    Certainly did not mean to tell you to GTFO Anyhow, I've done a fresh reinstall, meaning I haven't kept any files from my ET folder. The problem should be gone when doing fresh reinstalls, but it didn't, which is why I want to debug ET.
  3. vAin

    Debug command

    I know walking and shooting aren't in a server log, that would lead to a DoS. I need it because I want to log all of my commands right before any crash occurs (I've been having some weird crashes lately and I think it's because of some clientside commands that I give. PS: the crashes still appear after fresh reinstalls of Windows, ET, drivers, etc., so that kind of advice is not needed
  4. vAin

    Debug command

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is any toggle command that allows me to see all commands issued by me (including shooting, walking, talking, etc), just like a server debug log. So, basically, does this command exist, and if so, what is it? Thanks in advance!
  5. Should the problem persist, try to delete the drush_b3.pk3 file from your etmain folder. Seems like you already have the map in your etmain, but this map is not the same as the one the server is using.
  6. vAin

    reinstalling Windows

    What do you mean with "server is lost"? You are disconnected?
  7. Recruiting is the hardest imo. Get raped all the time
  8. I sure owned both as well. TS3 is just awesome imo. Looks good and the connection is good as well.
  9. Donate, that way, F|A is able to open more servers.
  10. Rofl. I don't know if 70Ë’degrees Celsius is good, but I guess it isn't. I attached my CPU usage.
  11. vAin

    9014 kick

    It's a random kick in PB and there's afaik not a fix for it.