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  1. He most likely was doping..Atleast the positive that came out of his career is the hundreds of millions that he raised for cancer research.
  2. What is the fastest you have ever driven your car?

    Your car gets impounded here if you get caught doing 50 over the limit...Great law IMO...Would be sick to go to germany one day and drive down their autobahns Is there any indication that high speeds leads to more accidents and fatalities over there?
  3. Only the evil clan before F|A. it just magically upped and died one day lol
  4. If theres the proper material to make an Irish carbomb then I'm in trouble cause Im probably gonna pass out lol. I take start shots of tequila though mostly, preferably gold. And beers... whatevers around.
  5. Pepsi Or Cokacola

    Pepsi for moi
  6. Icehockey hits and fights

    The clips from the nhl video are far from hits. Just cheap shots
  7. Brutal Soccer Beatdown

    Its just a bunch of high school girls, not some professionals playing. She won't be getting a lifetime ban
  8. Hey!! from Ken

    Hey Ken, wheres barbie
  9. Salutations! (Cerb3rus*)

    Cerby Werby...hows the rap career going?
  10. The Walking Dead

    What the season 2 premiere was supposed to be like before Frank Darabont got the axe. (scroll down, its in the blue) http://www.aintitcool.com/node/52526 Woulda been epic
  11. Baserace - baserace.pk3 - ET Map

    Last time baserace was on the server the perks of capturing crates were disabled. That takes alot of fun out of the map IMO
  12. I think I'm getting fat...

    Instead of just going to the gym maybe try going some rec leagues for sports you like. I currently play soccer, hockey and volleyball and thats all the cardio I need. Never been much of a treadmill/bike guy. I end up losing interest
  13. what is your favorite NBA team?

    Hopefully the raptors can slip back in relevancy next year when they get 2 top draft picks into their lineup. For now I watch and wait for the Heat to lose...so instead of cheering for someone, I just cheer against them come playoff time Also, alot of respect to the guys who keep cheering on their teams no matter how rough it gets.
  14. What's the best browser for you?

    I use FF mostly but Im slowly starting to switch over to chrome because of how i can sync a webpage to my phone. Makes life easy
  15. Best animated television series?

    The simpsons is easily the Greatest of All Time animated show. I watched it alot as a kid and sometimes when I watch the older episodes I catch some things I didn't when I was younger and it cracks me up. For example,