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  1. What is your favourite vacation destination?

    Kos (Greek island)
  2. Hey guys im back !

    Welcome back
  3. Donald Here

    Hi and welcome !
  4. Hello there

    Welcome back
  5. Hallo an alle

    Hi and welcome !
  6. It's been a long time

    My english isn't the best (and you know it ) but i want to say thank you for all that you taught us. And not only in the game/forum but in the relations between players/admins/trools (). You were always there to guide us in our actions. Always there when we need some support irl, we have all high/low moment..... Even after 8 years, your patience always surprise me (how many time you have waste your time with me, like since 2 days xd). You represent the serenity and the a self-abnegation. Big thank you boss for your dedication to FA FAmily will never die..... PS : if you don't understand, post here https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/224-language-learning-translation/
  7. During 15 days night shift; will be less on forum....

    1. RedBaird


      MMMM, good old Night Shift...less traffic when you get off work?

    2. Neuro


      There's a pretty decent show called Night Shift. Hospital drama ;)

    3. RedBaird


      I have been watching that one, too.  :)  They have much more drama than I usually had  on my night shift.

  8. Hello all

    Hi and welcome Renee
  9. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    Happy birtday !
  10. AnG3L

  11. ET Server Easter Game Day

    Good start
  12. Helloooo DK here

    Welcome on our new forum