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  1. Flash game - hemp tycoon

    http://games.adultswim.com/hemp-tycoon-puzzle-online-game.html This is a little bit familiar game for farmville,just here you must to grow up weed plantations ; ) It's really great for killing time when you're bored.And i'm totally addicted to this ; )) hope you like it.
  2. What are you doing over the xmas days ?

    today will meet my family,tommorow - party hard
  3. 3D Televisions, Are they worth it?

    Well,it's quite expensive in my country,but I think it's worth it,because few years later,only 3d television will be all around.
  4. Any tattoo lovers around here?

    Have one.Maybe you will like one of these (actually it's not my kind,but friend of mine makes it ; ) ) http://www.eddytattoo.com/en/tattoos
  5. NEW MAPS FOR NQ 2.55

    We seriously need to change cardinaly almost all of NQ2.55 maps,because it's getting really boring. I would add main ET maps,remove leningrad,tram fight,adlernest ,et beach. P.S. Adlernest and etbeach are too small for a server 22 vs 22 (if i'm right about count),and these are most popular for rushers.
  6. Sick trickjumping

    TJ is the most boring thing ever which just wastes your time of life,you can get low/medium right skills of playing normaly.other way it's good if you are playing seriously like Etpro/Clanwars,etc.
  7. H(igh)ello folks

    So,I decided to introcude myself in a few sentences. Real name: Luke Age: 22 Things I like/Hobbies : Music ( I can spend whole day of playing guitar or searching for a new songs in youtube/myspace/last.fm , Photography (Taking my photocamera everywhere I go) , Reading books and watching movies , Sports (Swimming) , aaaaaand party hard,get drunk,being high,jack daniels,calsberg,marlboro golden,drunk bitches,electronic music parties,nightlife and other stuff. ; ) Cheers,and see you in NQ 2.55/2.6b
  8. Tattoo's

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRtW1MAZ32M *
  9. Some of my experimental home made music.

    thanks yeah,at the the movement we are having electronic/guitar experimental/ambient project,these are just because I was bored,and I decided to play something for fun. : )
  10. Some short clips,hope you like it and it won't bother you. Feel free to comment. (I understand that it's nothing special,just liked to introduce myself a bit and show one of my hobbies) Cheers,stoneddevil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfjvPQGwLjc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sbMMWKa-EQ
  11. Acoustic guitar riff.

    feel free to tell your opinion.I aprecciate it.
  12. Acoustic guitar riff.

    Demo riff,having fun,nothing really special,hope you like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sbMMWKa-EQ