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    Having party's, making people dance from the music i play :D Yes, i'ma DJ

    I like going out with my friends and get drunk :D
    I like fishing on carp, wich i do often.
    I like playing W:ET
    What i most like is my soundsystem on my bedroom:
    One 15 inch woofer, 1 12 inch woofer, 6 8 inch woofers, and another 32 speakers, and trust me it's going ridiculously loud, and you literally feel the bass in your throat, and the high pitch tones make a move on your ears :D
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    The Netherlands
  1. Congratulations on being On Trial, again! :)

  2. hi guys, i'ts been quite a while since i've been online playing ET, well now i'm back in town and im happy to still see alot of familiar names people from NQ 2.55 should know me, already ran into Kat0n, well thats it for now, see ya on the server,, greetzzz from foggy
  3. Happy Birthday Fogarty!

  4. i was used to run my speakers with a small kenwood ministereo ( 90watts output) wired to a 120 watt target some kind of real old computer speaker thing, and a brandless amplifier, with 360 watts output, and another sony home stereo sound set ( real old but its a godness) its 500 watt output, and my newest a philips home cimema set,m 300 watts output, so 1170 watts total power, otherwise, im underpowered, all the speakers together are 2300 watts, and the sub itself can handle up to 2500 watts... however i've blown up my amp with 360 watts, so now ima get a car amplifier of 2000 watts, and wire it to my speakers.. unfortunaly since ive blown/burnd my amplifier, my bass sounds/kicks like crap, still alot of bass, but not what im used to... throatshaking and things most speakers are on 4 ohms, sub works at 8, however 4 is recommed, it sounds way better when it runs on 8 probably cuz the woofer is designed for cars, so my bedroom is alot bigger, and its moves more air by 8 ohms oh and i also set the equalizers myself, tbh im pretty good at it, alot of bass, and also enough mid and high tones so you can actually hear the music real clear, even though alot of bass is in presence and the 2 missing speakers, (3way speaker) are not shown on the first picture, but you can see one of them on the third picture:p
  5. Going on holiday for one and half week tonight so i'll be offline during this time

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah damnit, just blown up my amplifier.... only 2 left for my sub, sounds like shit now.... high pitches are way to loud without this amplifier...... gonna cost me money for a new one -.- RIP amp!
  7. I'll be offline during this weekend, although most time in this weekend i will be offline, reason: Appelpop, Speed, cannabis -> otherwise drug fest xd

  8. Fogarty


    hello hawkie, haven't seen you in NQ 1 yet but im sure i will! welcome to our forums mate! have a good time in our servers/ forums
  9. i can't donate, im underaged, next year i can ^^
  10. ahh lol xd that was before i've got my new amp
  11. and what was so funny about it xd
  12. busy with stitching.... lameeee

  13. worst movie i've ever seen is Suckerpunch with no doubt, damn that movie really sucked so hard i want to punch it