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  1. Heya Eco! hru mate? i miss you...Saludos!

  2. Ecoban


  3. i try an other way. on a fresh install of ET legacy, it was impossible to connect to FA server. I choose Silent for exemple and get the same error with a missing dll : ui_mp_x86.dll I just copy this dll from ET folder (in programs files) to ETlegacy folder in C:\Users\Ecoban\Documents\ETLegacy\silent. if you don't already have ET: install it => https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/774-enemy-territory-full-version/
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFqPMzFV5fM
  5. Ecoban

    Sounds Messed Up

    It happens to me too several time with Win 10 updates. I re-install sound card driver & software, and it goes back as usual.
  6. Hey Satori, Back to business => good news ! see you soon
  7. I like Linux Mint and Voyager distros.
  8. Ecoban

    Windows 10 and ET

    Gildas, I had the same problem with Legacy and NoQuarter server : i have copied files (pk3, dll) from Etmain folder/silent to the legacy one. And now it works. I also had a problem with resolution (partial screen...) when I upgraded. And thx Aziph10 for the ETlegacy solution

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