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  1. Unlimited health hack !!

    Or they enabled god cheat. There is no such thing as health hack.
  2. F|A 2 Sound Pack - Suggestion

    Lol, you pwned me again. Seems like I should shut up and get to know the servers a little bit more
  3. F|A 2 Sound Pack - Suggestion

    I've just played a few times in your server, but I experienced at other clans that sounds which are loud, long and contain music are not that appreciated. They'd rather have no soundpack at all. And believe me, I've been in a lot of clans and have a lot of experience making such packs.
  4. et server suggestion Server locations

    Because others might have, like I just told you? W/e, suit yourself. I don't give shit what you do around here.
  5. et server suggestion Server locations

    LOL I do not have a problem with my ping. I do not even cry about lagging. It was just a f***ing suggestion as 1/20 of the visitors has a decent ping and the rest about 200-400. I HATE wolfrof. So I do not like the 'jay3' aka beginners server. You don't f***ing know me, so stfu next time and get to know me first.
  6. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe most of the F|A servers are located in the USA. Although a great amount of ET players are European, you choose for a server in the USA. Which results in a high ping for almost every player: I do not know where you guys are hosting and I do not know if it's easy to just change the server. I'll leave it up to you, but you probably don't wanna change it. Just a suggestion.
  7. W:ET ''wwwdl overflow fix''

    Anybody knows the plug-in is causing download problems? We had those in another server and it seemed this fix was causing it...
  8. Wolfrof

    Wow... You did some research. How did you know?
  9. Wolfrof

    Thank you Your name sounds familiar, do I know you?
  10. Wolfrof

    Which of your servers do not have wolfrof? I really do not like wolfrof and I'm pretty lazy to look myself where it is enabled and disabled, so I thought I'd just ask here.