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  1. News Welcome our new staff member

    Congrats and thanks for all your efforts so far
  2. Absolutely not. HC is tradition FF with standard weapons! HC would die overnight with PPSH enabled. Edit: pretty sure it's enabled in every other F|A silent mod server so plenty of places to play if you enjoy it!
  3. Happy Birthday CookieMonster!

    Happy birthday! Have a cookie (but don't tell @DJ aka GDR DJ)
  4. How fast can you type??

    Oh they make sense alright. Problem is I need a new keyboard every day.
  5. How fast can you type??

    9000 words per second.
  6. ET Server Suggestion Hardcore map suggestions

    For future reference - get rid of Teuthonia b/s :P and replace it with something cool which doesnt get seen much any more like 1944 beach (formatted correctly: remove: Teuthonia add: 1944 beach
  7. Other lag on HC

    He means he needs SS of the red spikes. Without seeing the SS though it could be as simple as your GPU is overheating or something if it happens after X amount of time... Clean your PC and try again. And when you can, get a SS of the Lago red spikes
  8. 2.60B on linux? sound issue

    That's strange.. this is a new one on me then...
  9. 2.60B on linux? sound issue

    Have you tried setting the sound quality to maximum in ET? Then restart ET (snd_restart might work too)
  10. Weird load screen and game crashes on map change

    I had this on my old PC - none of these solutions helped other than to reinstall to a different location (important) - instead of default location choose a custom folder on your desktop or similar
  11. Does anybody have the map chutesandladders?

    Yes that was the same for me! It's ace! Will have to search for it when I get home
  12. Hi from Koby

    Welcome Koby! Please let me win more in-game. Ty.
  13. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    The rules will always apply, clubs should be considered an area for those who share an interest that others are likely to not be interested in..
  14. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    Just to be clear, did you ever get some cake? Because I have checked my postbox every day and still nothing.. I'm beginning to think my birthday wishes weren't heard.
  15. Does anybody have the map chutesandladders?

    Would be cool if it's the same one ( think you spawn in little huts and climb up a ladder to get out into the main area where there's barely anything to hide behind other than a few crumbling small walls here and there )