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  1. Denny

    rambo medics

    ha ha thats very funny
  2. very cool i need to make another one...
  3. Denny

    xbox XBox live?

    ps3 ? j/k
  4. Denny


    very cool updatee
  5. Denny

    DIABLO 2 OR DIABLO 3?????

    d2 is unbelievable... d3 will be even better.
  6. Denny

    new knife

    light sabers were very cool, and this knife is awesome, good recommendation for the server
  7. Denny


    i think i need major help fixing up my et game, lol add me on xfire if u have the time to help (denny33)
  8. Denny

    et server suggestion Panzer War

    ya panzer war would be fun. To a point... make sure its a big enough map so you can actually move around.
  9. Denny


    We just made COD 4 since couple of our regulars play COD 4 and especially dead loves it. PS It would take a while unless u start playing on COD 4 and make it going i was thinking of getting it for pc, but i dont even like it on xbox ha ha
  10. Denny

    rambo medics

    respawning isnt the problem, its just helps the team advance instead of respawning and having to start over..
  11. Denny

    rambo medics

    ha ha
  12. Denny

    Which other games you guys play?

    any first person or mmorpg
  13. Denny

    When this noobs will learn and give up..

    lol well halo 1 doesnt have anything to protect it from hackers so it's to be expected that there will be tons of hackers. don't see the point really, halo and ET are easy aiming games, don't need to bot at all. ya thats very true
  14. Denny


    ya get him out of here...