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  1. Sup mate, u still around? :D

    1. Stryder


      ofc bro...welcome back!👏


    2. excedo


      Cool! Thank you! Which servers u still play the most?!

    3. Stryder


      HC and Silent1..see u soon mate

  2. Gringo ❤️

    1. Stryder


      Yo gringo!  Time for you to get back on HC and take your punishment.:camper

  3. hi my chicken! 😄

    how r you bro?

  4. Absinthe makes you hug everyone...including the toilet
  5. "The member Stryder cannot receive any new messages" - you are shy? :}

  6. Stryder

    Top 50 Bassists

    1. Jaco Pastorius 2. Geddy Lee 3. Flea 4. John Paul Jones 5. John Myung 6. John Wetton 7. Robert Trujillo 8. Geezer Butler 9. Billy Sheehan 10. Les ClaypooL 11 Justin Chancellor 12 Tim Commerford 13 Cliff Burton 14 Victor Wooten
  7. SW Goldrush is rarely won regardless of player count. Even on HC with cp buildable forward spawn Oasis is hard to win during high player count
  8. dude stop playing wow and minecraft!..time to get back to a real mans game nubslice!..havent seen u in ages hope all is well

    1. EvoLuT!oN*


      LOL..whats wow and minecraft!?Seriously though..NEVER playing either of those games..im at HARDCORE..as always nub!

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