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  1. Hi, I wanna buy these shoes, but they don´t seem to be available in Germany. Where do I get them?
  2. Happy birthday, wurstje ! :P

  3. Happy Birthday Peng! Du bist tot!

    1. Leichensammler


      !beer for u ...alles jute partner

  4. Hi, There is a song of my favourite hip hop duo, which only offers the Music Store on iTunes. Unfortunately, I don´t have a credit card/ clickandbuy. And I don´t want to waste my money for a 10 $/ 15 € gift card only to buy a song for 99 Cent (€). So could someone buy and send me the song on iTunes with the give-away-function. I´m prepared to give you the money back by transferring money to your account... If you want to do me the favor pls pm me
  5. Hanswurst

    Favorite Rappers?

    Mine are: Mash Out Posse MC Ren Dr. Dre and K. Sparks
  6. Hi, After a 1-year-old break, I'm back 3 days ago I've installed W:ET on my PC As I launched the game and joined my favourite server (best server, no doubt: NQ 1) my FA-Mate Julez noticed, that I've no GUID. It took several minutes to solve my problem (we have also tried the Key-generator). It wasn't sure, whether we have solved this problem. So I decided to close ET and launch it again. And what was Julez pointing at?? That I've still no GUID ( I've also lost my XP) Killar has also tried to help me solving this problem. He gave me some commands, which I had to execute. Unfortunately, he had no success. I've no idea, how to solve this problem, so I turn to you I hope you can help me :/ Information: Win 7 64 bit I've installed W:ET here: Computer C: Programs W:ET And here: Computer C: programs(x86) W:ET I've also tried a reinstallation, no success Thx in advance, mates
  7. Shang-High Noon and Shang-High Knights
  8. Don't exaggerate Dare. Isn't it enough that you removed this Power?
  9. I talked with Soul yesterday. He and Isch were angry because their FA-Accounts were banned. So they wanted revenge... Don't know whether Isch kicked Players, too
  10. Damn! It looks delicious
  11. Hi Razer, Are you really a pro?
  12. That must have been beginners^^
  13. Hi, I´ve found this here: www.beepremium4free.com/?f=201619 (1)Register,(2)choose your (prepaid)Game Card for your game and (3)invite friends. If you have invite enough people you will get your game card-code. I think it is not fake. You guys should take a look at it. I will test it and I will tell you if it works. What do you think?

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