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  1. Get the 295 it's already best on market.
  2. If you want the top of the market card get the GTX 295. I currently own it, and at the time it was $500 bucks. http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_ge ... 95_us.html It is still currently around $500 Bucks. The card is well made, and the graphics are just f***ing insane. Love playing ET at highest quality, mirrors edge, left 4 dead, team fortress 2, Crysis, etc. It's a total beast.
  3. Will be picking up left 4 dead tomorrow. How about a few custom matches?
  4. Well eventually it will be custom built in a couple of years because I'll need a new graphics card. Well the newest
  5. Lycosa

    Hi Guys

    Well I was told to put that as my subject, so I did who told you to put that as your subject? I will keep these names to myself to prevent things from happening.
  6. No I did not custom build this one. But if I took a picture to the right there's 3 computers that I did custom build.
  7. Just to be a downer for you, I have your dream build. I got the i7, I got the 295 GTX, 6gb of Ram, etc. lmao
  8. Lycosa

    Hi Guys

    Well I was told to put that as my subject, so I did
  9. Lycosa

    Hi Guys

    I play ET Now you shall jizz yourself when I upload my signatures

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