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  1. Happy Birthday Buffmaster!

  2. Happy Birthday Buffmaster!

  3. Easter! Thanks joe for letting me have a good one on the best Wolfenstein server, FA #1

  4. All american reject - the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast song after is David Banner and Akon - 9 millimiter
  5. ty all!! sry but tht ive been a bit busy tho ...

  6. Happy birthday mr buff :)

  7. HappyBirthdayDude:)


  8. Buffmaster


    thanks a ton for not muting me hella for the way ive acted since ive started replaying ET on the F.A servers. At first in FA #2 i was a jackass idiot sounding like i was 12, then my attitude changed after i got muted/kicked hella times and switched to FA1 in which i havnt been muted besides a few times.... just saying thanks a ton F.A: ET cuz ive changed now after something that happened and i wont be acting like a immature idiot anymore and tho itll take a while to see the difference(cuz skool somehow takes a ton of time out of my days now) i hope you guys can see it.... (P.S ty Joedirt for all the help )
  9. LOL! "penis will say that there are only 365 days in a year and to try and make everyone memorable...." Yup. my motto for this week

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