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  1. limes

    Hey Borg:=)

  2. B0RG

    ETNAM new mode!

    I added some more captures to: ETNam.org gallery showing stats, menus,... as Daredevil sugested previously. greets. P.D: If anyone can tell me how can I show the hitboxes... zanks.
  3. B0RG


    Preview of ETNAM mod for W:ET MOD's Parts: - Mod's PK3 + binaries (only needed parts)-> 23.4 MBs - Texture Pack (addon)-> 32.7 MBs - Main theme pack (addon)-> 4.79 MBs.
  4. B0RG

    ETNAM new mode!

    You mean captures?. Cause the hitboxes of ETNam and its variantst should be the same than ETPUB ones.
  5. B0RG

    ETNAM new mode!

    I created a gallery with some captures: http://fearless-assassins.com/gallery/album/3897/239-etnamorg/ Some info: The only needed files are: mod's pk3 + binaries PK3 = 24.4 MBs But we also creted some addons as the texture pack (32.7 MBs) and the Main them pack (4.7 MBs). But as I said before, these two last addons are not needed to run etnam mod. As based on ETPUB mod, etpub cvars should work on etnam too. Anyways you always may read the Official ETNAM documentation. Also, some facts who people asks frequantly: - Default ETNam hitboxes are ETPro like hitboxes. Server admins may set the value to "0" for ET defaults. - Damage, amount and damage radius of heavy weapons can be managed via server.cfg too - Server admins can disable second squad, (set it to "0" then Vietcong and Rangers are disabled) to gain a better diferency between teams, using cfg too. Or use any own PK3 changing any of the teams. In example, an addon outside ETNAN dev team was created where all NAN soldiers wear vietcong clothes (black color). Maybe, in the next upgrade, we should apply default ET hitboxes and disabled second squads as default, due to it seems some admind have troubles with thse features. greets
  6. B0RG

    ETNAM new mode!

    Ok, understood. Thanks
  7. B0RG

    ETNAM new mode!

    You talk about Magnum 44. This revolver was used in Nam war, not in old western times. All weapons used in ETNam mod were used in Vietnam War, even KAR98, Colt,... You can disable it from menu. That's wrong. For medic there are just 2 hand pistols (pistol/revolver), 2 smg and 1 shotgun. For soldier you have also mortar, MAC-10 machinepistol, M79 "Thumper" grenade Launcher, M60 mobile machinegun, flamer,M-72 "LAW" Rocket launcher... Do it cause I saw some missunderstandings on this forum concerning to ETNam mod. Servers with pass, weaponbanks ammount, low fps, big size... Please people, I request not talking with no knowledge, without reading the documentation, without checking the options menu. In example, server admins can disable second squad, then teams are easier to diferenciate (green/sepia uniforms instead of green/sepia/black/camo clothes). I dont want to spam etnam mod and its features, just trying to correct some missunderstandings. greets
  8. B0RG

    Vietnam mode

    Anyways Wolffiles.de guys host a public test server (hosted in Germany): wolffiles.de:27960 http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serverinfo&idx=671033 greets
  9. It has crosshair: http://www.etnam.org/public/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=25&Itemid=76 greets
  10. B0RG

    Vietnam mode

    Private Message sent. greets
  11. B0RG

    Vietnam mode

    Ok, etnam mod already released. You can take a look on etnam.org greets
  12. Omg... you're alive :D

  13. B0RG

    Vietnam mode

    Well, new ETNam mod is almost ready to be public released, so all server admins will be able to run the mod on their own servers (if they want, of course ). The releasing is a matter of days, we hope before 2011, if the final MAC support test works as it should. In the mindtime, you can take a look to www.etnam.org for documentation.

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