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  1. et server suggestion jay2 maps

    hello...many want back minas but i think need to change fuel dump for any new map
  2. suggestions for JAY#2??

    u.u thanks man!!
  3. suggestions for JAY#2??

    hello people...i want to suggest rail gun for jay#2 i think fuel dump is too large map for a few players sometimes....well all can suggest any map or not?
  4. et server suggestion F|A Begginers

    im not F|A ...lol cuz i was rejected by my vsays LOL i think vsay are leads to put any anoying vsay...cant be rejected by that reason im very disappointed
  5. Hello evdy...lol i was playing on Begginers, but i cant play cuz lag is horrible, have reason for that lag, i love to play there so i like a solution for this problem thanks! lol im not F|A
  6. what about lag on last weeks?

    ya i enter to jay4 and only bots no fun...thats why i luv jay2 .
  7. wanna change supplydepot2 on jay#2

    mmm...then we need to say to all who currently play in jay#2 go to 4 cuz i like to play with all who play on jay2 . or maybe close jay2? that was a rumor?? well i will try on jay#4 .
  8. what about lag on last weeks?

    I love jay#2
  9. well i playing last weeks and suddenly had more lag than ususal ( fixed once time i enter with v03 and v04) if someone feel same pls tell me what to do ty
  10. hello all...well if this is a correct forum to ask a change one map on jay#2 i think Supplydepot2 is too boring, more that that is too for allies(when had lot of players) and is a fast map....I propose baserace or hydrodam some like that or some map more new - well is a asking only...hope all have a good day .

    still i start at 600x800screen mode lol....but very good work ! =P-
  12. About maps on Jaymod#2º

    i dont like rockeyes cuz i lagged so much...in minas tirith i play really cool, i wanna the change, but stiil any on jay2 lol
  13. I need some help =/-

    ya dude...same problem. i write in cfg => seta r_mode "6" seta r_fullscreen "1"...and any change lol y write in comand and anything =/. ...always same
  14. I need some help =/-

    ya i have a autoexec.cfg in etmain folder,,,or u mean do a new?
  15. I need some help =/-

    still no solution...changes in desktop icon may change a while only...when i restart pc mode back to 600x800...and i dont find r_mode to change ...some help?? =/.