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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Happy Birthday FLiP iT!

  3. Happy Birthday FLiP iT!

  4. FLiP iT

    TrickJumping - Enemy Territory

    Ok guys this is my first TrickJump Tutorial so dont get mad if it sucks. i will make more eventualy that explain trickjumping in detail. if you ask me i can show you in game too
  5. im Kinda upset i couldnt get any age exeptions so il try to find another clan to hold me off till im 15. when i turn 15 im coming to F|A. il keep making my tj tutorial though dont worry

    1. Avaa


      Stay around though :)

    2. daredevil


      If u are mature we do make exception :) Hand around as avaa said :P

  6. FLiP iT

    FLiP iT

    ok phantasm i got it thx for explaining. AND to everybody wanting to learn how to tj im working on some videos and il try to help you all as much as i can. i cant promis u the videos will be good cuz im not very good at explaining things and these r my first tutorials and im still learning to tj.
  7. ok ddog12340 if i see you online i will teach you. Just 1 question s ddog ur online name?

  8. Can't wait to see you all online and see what im up against

  9. FLiP iT has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

    FLiP iT hey.

    also when can u teach me TJ lol.

  10. FLiP iT

    FLiP iT

    i promise everybody that i am very rarely childish, and i do follow the rules(which im about to read btw) thanks corey
  11. FLiP iT

    FLiP iT

    thx guys
  12. FLiP iT

    FLiP iT

    ok il show u 1 day.and ive been playing et since i was 4. and if u can tell me why age limit is 15 or where i can find out that would be great. sorry but i have a natural curiosity
  13. FLiP iT

    FLiP iT

    ummmm. well im posting this early hoping i will eventualy get 40k and join F|A. umm im almost 13 (dont worry im not like an anoying little kid) and ive been playing since i was 4, take breaks for school (i still play a little) but play alot during summer. im petty good and im learning to trickjump. duno what else you want/need to know so just ask if u do. and my xfire is flipit27