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  1. What a great idea, I was proud of my 488 followers years ago when I streamed, since seeing this announcement it made me to a test stream yesterday, what a great way to adapt to current times, live streaming it a massive market at the moment and this will be a great way to utilize it. Ill go ahead and follow anyone who streams ET too, I am always interested in watching ET @w1cx nice stream gui btw. Looks professional:)
  2. Fixed it, downloaded another random cfg online, exec it, ensured all mine was gone and its fixed. Probably is an issue with graphics but seems to be working now
  3. Thank you so much! it seems to work, what kind of CVAR even does this, it wasnt primitives as i checked! something must have just messed up, ty! Literally when i exec my cfg it looks like this now, literally looks like a half wallhack or something! I dont understand, its the same cfg i always used, any idea on the CVAR thats breaking this?
  4. Hi, I was on Minis Tirith before, I ended up changing a setting with hunkmegs or something, everytime I try join server now my games just broke, i cant get into a game, i tried reinstalling ET, using PK3 cleaner etc. Nothing is working. Ive tried installing random cfg like mAus cfg but this is what my screen looks like in game. I dont understand whats happening, it looks like a PK3 issue, i have just recently updated to new NVIDIA drivers, but i was playing fine while they was updated? Maybe its a hunkmegs issue, ive tried loads of dif settings but cant fix? Cant remember what I had it set too before i messed with it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks EDIT: Little bit of context if I load ET, without clicking anything menu looks fine, its just as soon as i click FA beginners for example, the whole right section on the loading section is blacked out!
  5. @Nefarious Cheat yeah so does vind, everyone has their own style 95 is fine for me if I have dragon 0 then 90 is fine
  6. Nice seta name, youll see loads of people in JAY1 with that Just checked it out, graphically looks okay, might try it for a while, but 1024* 768 yuck, any reason for this if you have 1080p? is it like CSGO where its just easier to hit them as their very wide haha Also @Nefarious Cheat 102 fov is pretty high imo, i stick with 95
  7. im in SHD UTD has joined, good luck everyone
  8. Ive only ever seen you play panzer! Your heavy weapons xp is insane.
  9. I can confirm the original issue was fixed since you renamed the .pk3 file, they can now play on the server with legacy. thank you!
  10. Just did a tiny $5.00, got my own server to pay, along with a holiday to prague in 6 days, so have to be a little cheap. However when I played all those years ago you was one of the most pop pub clans, still are today so well done! Keep up the good work 3UD11095VB7837709
  11. Its not even just downloading pk3s thats the problem, if you already download the pk3, and paste in correct folder it still isnt happy with the filename and just auto deletes it. Like someone said prev this isntn something you would expect a game to do, just go and delete files without warning. Crazy
  12. @DoubleDragon Thank you for your answer. Appreciate it a lot, ill try getting them to DL the old 1, this can be closed now if a mod sees this its been answered and resolved.

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